Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun Spring Day With Aaron

The days of spring have been some really good ones. I'm taking an on-line photo class from Big Picture Classes "How To Take Great Photos With Any Camera." This is a class that teaches about lighting, composition and such. It's not inspiration for daily shots like the others I've taken. Our first assignment was to pick an object and take four shots of it at different hours of the day, morning, noon, afternoon, and right before sunset. It has been cloudy every day since I received my assignment until yesterday when I was at Aaron's house. So, I took my shots there. I took shots of their house and of a garden ball in front of an azalea. Thanks, Aimee, for the use of your garden ball! I put a rock in the front yard so I could stand in the exact same place each time I took a shot of the house. I told Aaron I needed to take pictures of their house and showed him where I would stand by the rock. I would say "it's time to go take a picture of the house" and he would run and stand right by the rock. Too cute!!! He didn't know what was going on, but he was willing to help! 
I put the pictures in a collage so I could see them side by side. We were to pick the best shot of the four. I picked the morning shot. The sky is bluer and you can see more details of the house, for instance the shingles are clear on this shot. Just looked like better color to me and no deep shadows.

 The flowers and ball didn't work as well they were shaded more by the porch. I chose the morning again, because of the shadows on the others. Although I really like the shadows on the 5 p.m. shot.

 I also had to take three pictures of one subject in front light, side light, and back light. Guess who was my model!! Aaron!! I took these while he was eating lunch. Seems like I take a lot of pictures of him while he's eating lunch. He was in his high chair and couldn't run away. I just rolled his high chair in front of window and turned him for the different shots. I just love his pose with his arm on his knee! Of course, the front light is the best. But, he's cute which ever way the light hits him!!

While I was fixing his lunch I remember a reflection pictu that someone that put in the gallery of my Picture Spring class. It was called a surprise reflection and they shot the reflection on the microwave door. I tried it and it worked. How about that!! Nice reflection you have in your microwave door, Aimee. 
Also while I was fixing lunch I turned around and Aaron had climbed up in the kitchen chair and sat down. Startled me! Scared me a little too!! He is so quiet! He looked quite proud of himself! He may do this all the time, but it's the first time I've seen him!
And now on with the day. Every time we went out Aaron wanted to find all the "dan-deee-lines" in the yard. He picked them all and shook them away! I don't think we left any standing! I hope you can't sneeze from dandelions!
 Find the right dandelion, pick it, and make a wish!!
 I just love little chubby hands!!!
And this is my favorite! He tried hard to blow them away! They wouldn't go, so he would just shake them!
Fun day!! I got my assignments accomplished and had fun with Aaron, too!
Take some time, go outside, find a dandelion, and make a wish.

Hope your wishes come true!!

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  1. Okay, if you wouldn't have told me what that microwave reflection shot was, it would have drove me crazy trying to figure out what it was! I saw the photo before I read the words and was so confused. I'm glad you use Aaron as your "model" sometimes, because you get such great shots of him! Glad you were able to get your assignment done, too.


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