Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Late Easter Egg Hunt

The grand kids were able to all get to the house this weekend. They were here for just a short trip this time, but we made the most of it. Since all four grandsons were together we decided to have another Easter Egg Hunt. There's just something special when you see children hunting eggs! There is just so much excitement and anticipation. They could hardly wait while we hid the eggs. Jake really wasn't too interested in hunting eggs, he had already hunted eggs at school and home, but he changed his mind when I mentioned PRIZE EGGS! Don't you love their cool baskets. They look like camouflage hats. I wonder if he sees the one right behind him. Well, sure he did! I just made him stop for a picture!
Drew found the ones hidden by the dog. He looks like he's already found quite a few!
Josh was pretty excited about his finds! He looks pretty confident about having a prize egg!
Aaron spotted one he had to go after. To be so little he was really good at spotting those eggs!
After the hunt they spilled all the eggs on the ground and opened them to see if there were any prizes in them. I had put some small cars, balls, small kaleidoscopes,  and money in some of the eggs.
Jake got a pickup truck. This is a photo technique I've seen where you focus on what they are holding and it blurs them in the background. Turned out pretty neat I think.
They all got bottles of bubbles, but Josh played with them the most. He blew lots and lots of bubbles!
They each found an egg with a little car in it. I was worried about that, you don't want to disappoint anyone. But, it worked out just fine. Aaron really likes little cars! He seems to always have one in his hands.
Drew, got two cars and most of the money, but he was more interested in having Gramma ride him on the Kubota! He loves to putt-putt around the yard and pasture.
We really had a great time. It was such a beautiful, fun day! I love these guys so much.


  1. Grandkids are wonderful and you are especially bless. Four healthy boys. It looks like they had a great time, even though it was short.

  2. It was a beautiful and fun day! I really like the picture where you focused on the truck Jake was holding. That turned out really cool!

  3. We did have a great day! I love the picture with Josh and his bubbles and Jake and his truck. The photographer in you shows up more and more!!


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