Friday, April 8, 2011

Treasures on Thursday no make that Friday

OK, so I forgot yesterday was Thursday! I'm not surprised, my mind is filled with so many other things I don't even know what day of the week it is! So a day late we'll have a little treasure. This will be short with several pictures as I'm leaving for a scrapbook retreat this afternoon. I haven't packed or even decided all that I'm going to work on.

Several years ago I found a kit to make a kaleidoscope. I cross stitched the quilt design on perforated plastic and then you just put the scope together. Easy! Kaleidoscopes are one of my favorite things. I love the color and the motion as you turn it. The most beautiful ones I've ever seen were made of wood. And they were gorgeous! Of course, they had a pretty high price tag on them, so I couldn't have one.
You can put anything you want in the bottom. I chose to put buttons, since it was a sewing kind of design.
 I have seen a photo where someone took a picture through their kaleidoscope. So I gave it a try. I placed the lens directly over the hole, turned the scope and shot away. You get a little darkening around the edges which I could have cropped out, but I though it added to the shot. I was fascinated by the results. Such pretty designs.
If you look close at the shot you can see the buttons.

I decided to limit the photos to my top 10. Don't even ask how many I took. I'm clicker happy!!
In the one below, the white button is upside down and you can see the shank part of the button.

I think this one below might be my favorite.
Such pretty little spring flowers appeared.

Such beauty in the simple things in life.
Slow down today, look around, and find some simple beauty. Even grab your camera and take a shot of it!


  1. I never would have thought it was possible to take a picture through that tiny hole! They turned out great. I love that every picture highlights different colors! My favorite is the third one. Love the colors!

  2. Neat, neat, neat! Who would've thought...My favorite was also the one that looked like flowers.

  3. I loved them all. What a neat idea. I have the kit but never even started it.


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