Monday, April 11, 2011

The Potting Shed

Construction on the Potting Shed has begun. We  are fortunate that one of Mr H's friends knows how to construct small buildings and has been helping us. I took a picture of the shed I wanted and he was able to give us a list of the lumber we needed.
He's pretty good at that. So far here is all the waste we have. A wagon of very small pieces and this little stack of boards.

While I was gone this weekend to a scrapbook retreat, they were able to begin. Here's how it looked when I got home.
You can't tell a lot. But don't you think it's going to be cute! They don't know I took their picture! I think they would have both run off an hid behind the house if they had seen my camera. Mr H is on the left and his friend on the right.

A little more progress.
They're putting the plywood on top for the roof.

Here's what the siding looks like. I will probably paint it a light grey with dark grey trim to match the brick and trim on our house.  I love the way it's under this shade tree. It will be much cooler this summer!

We had a big storm coming our way, so we needed to get the felt paper on the the roof to keep the plywood dry. Mr. H and I worked on that. We've never done any roofing before so it was definitely a learning experience. Looks pretty good to me! My arms, neck, and shoulders are sore today from all the hammering. And my old knees are stiff from climbing up and down the ladder and being on my knees while I hammered.

Here's just a few different shots I took today.
The view out the windows on the front. Aren't these cute windows! I wanted the panes instead of solid pieces of glass. I thought they looked more like cottage windows.

The view out the side door, which is large so I can get my garden wagon and tools in easily.

Here's my cute little front porch. Very small, just big enough for some flower pots or such. The guys think it is wasted space, but I think it's perfect!!

And one last shot. A self-portrait of me in my little shed on the computer writing this blog!! It's a gorgeous day, that is after the storms passed. I've been working in the yard and just didn't want to go in the house. The wind, is blowing and the birds are singing. Oh, by the way grandsons, I hear nothing but birds and a choo-choo! Such a great day.

Oh, I think I already have someone who wants to be in the shade under my house. This little guy let me get real close and take his picture.

One other shot for the grandsons. I was trimming my bushes in front of the house and looked who popped out and startled me. A rabbit, not the little bunny, but a bigger rabbit. Maybe this is the bunny's Mommy.

I'm beyond excited for my little shed to be built. I'll keep you updated as more progress is made!


  1. I am so excited about the potting shed. It is looking great. I love how you have already moved in. Great shot.

  2. It looks GREAT! The boys were so excited to see the pictures and Drew said he wanted to go see it RIGHT NOW!! D&J also wonder how you got Jake's turtle (from his video) to your house. There was no convincing them that it was a different turtle. They also loved the picture of you on the roof. I know you are very excited. Can't wait to see it!

  3. The picture of you working on the roof is the cutest picture ever! The potting shed is going to be so awesome. I know you will enjoy it so much! I just hope Aaron doesn't take it to heart when Josh tries to explain to him Gramma's "potty" shed! LOL


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