Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Fun Photo Day

I found another lovely place to take some photos! This is a lake behind some office buildings. I had a hard time just choosing a few pictures, so you might want to sit back and relax. I actually took 269 pictures that day. But, I promise I didn't post any where near that many!!

Another view of the lake.

These are several office buildings near the lake. Wouldn't you like an office facing the lake!

My favorite shots are close ups!
So many details show up when you get down close.

And on this lake there was a swan,
a beautiful white swan.
That's what I took most of the pictures of!
I think this one has a beautiful reflection of the swan in the water!

So graceful gliding across the water.

I could hear the sound of water like a fountain, so I  walked around the building to find it. It was quite unusual. Pretty neat the way they let the water flow away from the fountain making several little waterfalls.
I thought these two frogs were funny. Serenading to the sound of the fountain.

Here's a shot of the water flowing down.
In one of my photo inspiration classes we've been searching for reflections. I saw this beautiful reflection in the windows of the building. Since I went on a Saturday and no one was there, I wasn't self-conscious about taking shots in the window.

This was a great find, a reflection of the sun!

And then I found these beautiful flowers.

The flowers were gorgeous, every color you could imagine!

I think the light pink tulip stands out among all the bright colored ones.
I've enjoyed finding different places to visit and photograph.
Beauty is all around us.
Sometimes in the most unusual places, like behind office buildings!

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  1. Talk about an office with a view. Where is that at? Very pretty!


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