Monday, April 25, 2011

WeekEend Road Trip - Part III

I spent a lot of time roaming around Jefferson, TX with my camera. I wanted to show you a few of my favorite shots. These flowers were in front of an antique store. I don't know what they're called, the ball shapes are the buds that open into these gorgeous flowers.
 I just happened to catch a beautiful sun flare in the window of the museum.
Lately my eyes keep catching doors, windows and reflections. I worked hard to get this shot where the flag is reflected in the window and is unfurled. The wind was blowing very hard and I had to take a lot of shots before I got one I liked.
I thought this was such a pretty window with shutters and a window box.
Isn't this a pretty basket hung between these two doors. It makes me think of a May Basket.

Another thing I'm fascinated with is fences. Any kind of fences. I love the work in this wrought iron fence.
These fences were covered in beautiful roses. Old fashioned climbing roses.
Roses that smelled wonderful. A lot of the modern roses don't have a smell, but these smelled wonderful as I walked by.
Beautiful Roses!!!
Of course I had to sneak a shot in of my favorite house. The House of the Seasons. Read about it here.
I was cutting through one of the allies to get back to our group when I spotted this gate.
I got closer to have a look. It was a garden, a beautiful garden. I realized it was a behind one of the historic hotels. As I was looking in, a lady who worked at the hotel asked me if I would like for her to unlock the gate so I could go in. Of course, Yes, Please!!

 In the center was this lovely fountain. The post of the fountain has three women with they're water vessels.
It's quite large, there are gold fish and even a turtle in the water.
The walls of the garden were brick covered with ivy. There were small alcoves with statues and lovely wrought iron chairs, benches, and tables. These statues were of children.
 This view shows the back of the hotel! I would love to stay in one of the rooms over the garden!
 another fountain
I was so excited!! It felt like I had found my own Secret Garden. This is my third trip to Jefferson and I've never seen this gate before. You'll never know what you'll find when you walk a different path! Try it, go a different way or path this week and discover something new!!

Hope you enjoyed the trip to Jefferson with me!


  1. Last time you were at Jefferson you took a lot pictures but after you classes you saw Jefferson in a different light. I love it.

  2. I just finished reading all 3 posts from your trip. I didn't realize how behind I was! : ) Looks like you guys had a great weekend. The "Secret Garden" is amazing. Jefferson looks like such a beautiful place.


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