Monday, April 25, 2011

Potting Shed Update

I thought you might like to see update pictures of the potting shed. They finished putting all the siding on.
Mr. H taught me how to use the miter saw, so I could cut the boards. While he stayed on the ladder I ran back and forth to the shed to cut the boards. That was pretty fun. I like the miter saw, but I really don't like the table saw. To me, your hands are just too close to the blades!

There he is on the ladder waiting on the boards. He was pretty patient as I took some pictures!
Yesterday, he was able to put some of the roofing on. Between the rain today he finished roofing the back side of the shed. He stayed on the roof and I climbed the ladder to take him shingles. How many times I climbed that ladder I don't know, but my legs are already stiff and sore. I'll be taking some advil tonight! We didn't start the roofing on the front side due to some bad storms coming our way.
Before the storms hit we worked on the porch rails and got the front ones on. We still need to do the ones on the sides of the porch, but the weather just wouldn't cooperate. Our tornado sirens kept going off and I would run into the house to see where the storms were. We were fortunate, the storms went north of us, but we did get some wind and heavy rain.
We're making a lot of progress considering the bad weather we've been having. It's looking pretty cute!


  1. Pictures are great. The gopher really gets tries. Glad you learned how to use the miter saw. It is fun to build with your hands. I love it. I am glad the weather went above you so you got a lot done.

  2. Wow it looks great! Can't wait to see it. I love the picture of Daddy! I'm very impressed that you learned how to use the saw. I think this project is so special to you because you are doing it with your own hands!


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