Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Week In Review

My Favorite Photo Of The Week
 I have always been fascinated by shadows.
I love the lacy shadow of the leaf end.

The Simple Things
It is now officially fall!
This makes me smile!! 
Cooler weather and beautiful colors
are something I look forward to!

Picture Inspiration Week 31 - Extreme Crop
We were to use the camera to crop an image in an extreme way. I took this photo in the early morning light when the dew was still on the leaf.
Big Picture Classes

52 Photos Project - When Daylight Fades

52 Photos Project


  1. Love ypur simple things photo. I am starting to capture signs of autumn too.

  2. Lovely photos - all of them but I love your bokeh in the last one!

  3. i love all of these photos! thanks for sharing them.

  4. Love all your pics! That leaf is very cool :)I'm happy fall is finally here, too!

  5. Your acorn photograph is fabulous. I grew up with acorns all over the ground in the Fall, but they are never in my yard here in Utah. Beautiful simplicity.

  6. Your pin point focus on the acorn is wonderful and I love your extreme crop photo.

  7. beautiful images Cathy! i just love that little acorn. :) thanks for linking up with the simple things....would love to have you stop by again this coming sunday!


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