Thursday, September 22, 2011

Argenta Art District

I had a few more pictures I wanted to share from the Argenta area where my sister and I went for an art walk. You can see more art work here. The Main Street area has been restored beautifully.  All along the street are flowers...balconies full of flowers, hanging baskets from lamp poles and large pots full of flowers on the sidewalk.  It's just beautiful and so well cared for! 

It was raining and there weren't too many artists, but we found plenty to enjoy. As we wandered around the streets we discovered this beautiful concrete sculpture/water feature called "Mother Earth". The sculptor is Kevin Kresse. It was such a surprise to be walking a side street and find this!!

Close up of the mosaic flower panels. The mosaics were gorgeous and the waterfalls so peaceful to listen to.

The local community theatre offered hors d'oeuvres created by Pulaski Tech culinary students. The food was delicious...goat cheese tarts, twice-backed potatoes, cheeses, crackers and the most wonderful cream cheese brownies.

In the theatre is this art work by V.L. Cox.
I went to her website and found the following information about this piece.

"Through a Child's Eyes"
Commissioned Piece
Argenta Community Theater
North Little Rock, Arkansas

The art deco door used in this project is from the Royal Theater which opened in 1932, in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. The theater closed its doors in the late 1970s. This door is believed to be the door used by African Americans during segregation. It is now on permanent loan from the City of Arkadelphia.

The artwork depicts three children curious to see a ballet dancer on stage. It is based on the courtroom scene from the 1962 movie "To Kill A Mockingbird." Scout and Jem lift Dill up to view the trial in the courtroom. The image behind the round window is an actual photograph of the Argenta Community Theater stage with a dancer added.

She has a collection of paintings on screen doors that is wonderful!

The architecture on the buildings is beautiful.
This is a column from the North Little Rock City Hall.

The Argenta post office where you mail your letters and

they are delivered to your mail box.  This is the best mailbox I've ever seen!!

Lovely porch railings...but, I wouldn't want to paint them!

It's so enjoyable to move out of my little world and find beautiful places to explore!!! And so enjoyable exploring with my sister! Stay tuned, I think we may be out and about tomorrow!  Who knows what we'll find!!


  1. Lovely art walk! Isn't it amazing what you can discover in the world around you?

  2. I enjoyed going on the art walk with you! I love the architectural details you focused on, especially the columns and the mailbox. Happy weekend!


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