Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crawly Things For My Grandsons

Yesterday morning it was foggy.
Today when I went outside
(not in my pajamas this time!!)
the sun was coming up,
the clouds were beautiful,
and there was a chill in the air!
Yeah, fall may be coming!!
As I looked around
I began to spot
little crawly things.
So, this post has pictures of little crawly things for my four grandsons.
If you don't like crawly, gooey creatures, you might just want to close the post. These images may not be suitable for the squeamish!! (Personally, I don't really like them, I just do it for the boys!!)
I found this guy eating the leaves
of the willow tree
Gramps and Jake planted!!
Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar!!
He's stretched out there to get his leaf!!
 I got a little closer.
Doesn't he look like he has a happy smile on his face!!
I got a closer picture...pretty colors!
I read that caterpillars don't see too well.
I guess that's why he didn't see my camera!
 AND CLOSER!!!!!!!
I wonder if those teeth are sharp!!
He sure is bumpy!!
 Then I found this guy on the same tree!
He's weird looking with those two sections that are green.
His tail section looks like the brown of the branches.
Maybe this is how he blends in and hides!!
YUCK!!! He looks sticky and gross!!!

I barely saw this caterpillar.
He matches the leaf so well. 
It looks like he has whiskers on his back.
These are butterfly eggs that will hatch
and be caterpillars.
The caterpillars will eat, and eat, and eat.
A cocoon is then formed.
And later a new butterfly will come out of the cocoon.
Then I found a Grandaddy Long Legs trying to hide in the top of a fence post!!
This spider was enjoying the sunshine. Do you see his shadow?
This grasshopper kept trying to hide from me behind this flower!
 Look what I found on another tree!
Look how long his tail is!!
He sees better than the caterpillar.
He saw me and got real still.
I guess he wanted me to think he was part of the tree!
He kept watching me with his little beady eyes!!

OK, grandsons!
I do not get close to these creatures!
My camera has something like a telescope that zooms in on them.
I just want you to know that we can't get too close.
Lizards bite,
spiders jump and bite,
and some caterpillars can sting!
It's best to look at them up close only in pictures!!

Hope you enjoyed the crawly things I saw today!
Love you, guys!!!

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  1. Thank you Gramma for this post. We all enjoyed the close up shots of the creepy crawly things.


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