Saturday, September 3, 2011

Write Now!

A really good thing about my journaling course Write Now! with Big Picture Classes, is that you can continue at your own pace. Once you take a class, it is open to you forever!!  Thank goodness!!  There's no pressure to keep up and get these assignments done.  Which for me is a very good thing, I really feel I'm learning more when I can travel at my own pace. All that, to say this, I've finished another writing assignment.  I love the unique ideas that Amy Sorensen has for our assignments. We were to open a dictionary, pick a word on the page, read the literal definition and then look for a personal connection with the word.  The only word on the page I picked that seemed possible for a story was "placid."  Definition:  quiet, calm, complacent, free of interruption or disturbance.

After much thought, these words reminded me of a childhood story my Mom has told about me.


A little girl sat playing quietly.
She talked to herself.
Small things entertained her
paper dolls…baby dolls…books.
She did not need company.
She did not need attention.
She just played.

She stayed with her grandmother, Nannie.
Mommy and Daddy were away.
Nannie watched her and wondered
if she was all right.
Nannie wondered if she missed her parents.
When Mommy returns, Nannie tells her
“Cathy played in the corner alone.
She talked to herself.
Do you think she is all right?”
“Yes, she is all right”
her Mommy says.
“Nothing is wrong.
She just enjoys her quietness.
She likes to be by herself.”
After all these years
I am still the same.
I enjoy the quietness.
I talk to myself.
I love being alone.
I am that little girl.
I am all right.

I find it interesting that I have been journaling about  myself in this class. I think the writing prompts we get each day has started me remembering stories about my childhood. I've begun to realize that I have stories to tell, that need to be recorded before they are forgotten. 

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  1. I wish I had the patience to write like you do, Cathy. I used to, but seems my passion to write has been replaced with that of photography. I can only focus on one addiction at a time!

    Great post. You have a lovely writing style. :)


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