Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Find Your Eye - Observing Photography Trends

There’s this little thing about Kat Sloma’s and her Find Your Eye classes…she makes you think. No longer do I just take pictures...I now think!! Our last assignment involves looking at photo blogs we follow and finding new sites where we are to look for current photography trends. Personally, I don’t think about trends. I don’t follow trends in clothing or home décor or even in the books I read. It is just not me.

I’m having difficulty recognizing trends. I’m so new to photography that I’m not sure what is current and what has been around forever. I did scan back through blogs I follow and I ventured into a couple of professional photography sites. Both the blogs and the sites did use some post processing. It seems this is a newer trend. On the blogs textures were used. On one of the web sites, Ed Vatza Photography, he used infrared and boosted colors in his photos. I also remembered an exhibit of photographs that I enjoyed when I visited an art exhibit for a previous lesson. The photos were beautiful…soft, muted colors that reminded me of watercolors. I like the watercolor look a lot and, surprisingly, I also like the color boosted look. Post processing is beginning to grow on me. If you’d asked me a few weeks ago “do you like post editing?” I would probably have said “not really.” If you ask me today, I would say “Im finding I do like some forms of post editing.”

(this is an example of color that has been boosted)
Will it influence my own photographs? It just might. I may just give it an occasional try just for fun. I don’t see it being something I do regularly, because I really like photos straight out of the camera. I like the amazement and, yes, pride that I get when I take a photo that I think is exceptional. I like to know, I did that.

I found this quote on Ed Vatza's site “Remember, most everyone can see what is. But, to see what could be, that takes imagination…that takes creativity…even if sometimes it runs amok.” I like that. That applies to whether we edit or whether it’s straight out of the camera. It takes creativity to produce beautiful photos.
(this photos has been softened, crystallized, and framed)


  1. Neat images! I can see I do need to play around with some creative post-processing techniques, just for fun. I'm going to check out that photographer's site, as well. Thanks for the link!

  2. Cathy,
    I think you will find that editing can be fun, that it can provide another creative outlet for your art. These are beautiful examples of edit experiments.

  3. I have a problem with futzing with photos as well. I think the fun thing to do is play and play and then decide if reality or fiction works best for each individual photo. I like the 2nd one, even though it really is "fiction" it makes for an interesting shot. I agree with you on trends, when you don't follow them, they are hard to spot until they hit you upside the head, and then they are no longer trends, just simply cliches.

  4. Great images, Cathy, and love what you wrote! You encourage me to try more with post processing now. Thanks!

  5. Excellent post, Cathy! I agree with you -- I am most excited about getting a good image SOOC, but a little processing can be fun. Your images are lovely!

  6. Cathy, I love the imagery both of your pride in getting a great shot SOOC - "I did that" - and also the joy of creativity "running amok." I am envisioning creativity as a small child just bursting with exuberance. Sometimes that joy can be too much for us. :) I love what you did with both images. They say something difference than the SOOC, right? It all depends on your vision, what you want to portray to the world, whether this works for you or not. Wonderful post!

  7. What a great post. I enjoyed your thoughts on post-processsing. I do think sometimes they enhance an image, but most times my processing is just straightening, a little crop here and there, and making sure the levels are good. I keep thinking I should try all these creative things others are doing....and then I don't. Time, effort, or maybe I just don't need it. I too like the satisfaction of an image SOOC-or at least nearly so.
    I really like the image you color boosted here. So vibrant and soft.


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