Friday, September 30, 2011

Along The Fence

The photo prompt for 52 Photos Project this week is  "along the fence".  Great prompt for me because I love fences...all kinds, sizes, and colors.  They have such wonderful lines,  angles, and curves. There is something extra special about a white picket fence though. Not only are they beautiful, but they always make me think of Huckleberry Finn having to whitewash the fence! I really don't think the fence he and his friends painted was as pretty as this one though! I'm not even sure how you would even paint this fence with all the vines one it!
What's behind this beautiful fence?  A lovely antebellum house, Curran Hall, which was built in 1842-43. It has been restored and reopened as the Little Rock Visitor Center.

The vine growing on the fence is Hyacinth Bean. One of volunteers at the visitor center is supposed to send me some seeds. I sure hope they'll grow for me!

Not only does it have beautiful flowers but its has the most amazing bean pods. The light is so bright you can see the seeds inside the pod.

OK, back to the fences.
wrought iron fences look elegant and classy

ornate fences show off fine workmanship

rusty fences have character
  barbed wire fences are strong and ageless

keep things in
or keep things out
or just look beautiful!!

52 Photos Project


  1. I love fences too. Love that last shot.

  2. Cathy,
    Lovely fences of all shapes, sizes and character. I, too, really like the last shot with its close-up perspective and the spiraling tendrils mimicking the curves in the barbed wire.

  3. OOOOO I love your fence montage, what fun! The pods are gorgeous as well as the flowers, good luck with yours.

  4. These are amazing!! I've never heard of Hyacinth Bean, but I absolutely love it - so beautiful. I hope it grows for you, too.

  5. Great photos! The last is my favorite!


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