Monday, September 19, 2011

Find Your Eye ~ Summary

The Story Of My Photography Journey
(Seedbox ~ Ludwigia alternifolia)

My photography and my blog are closely tied together. This is where I share the photos I’ve taken. I began this journey into blogging a little over a year ago. It all started through a journaling class for scrapbooking. It was suggested that a great way to be comfortable writing was “to write” and a great place to write was on a blog. It was a big step for me, but, I finally got the courage and started my blog. I shared pictures I took of my grandsons and my family. I told a little about where we were and what we were doing. If you’ve followed my blog very long, you know I love to share pictures of my family. It’s sort of like scrapbooking online.

A few months later, I was in a bookstore and found a copy of “Artful Blogging.” It sounded pretty interesting, so I bought it. Whoa, were my eyes opened! I read the magazine cover to cover many times and visited every blog that was featured. Through the magazine I discovered the world of photography as art. That’s when I knew I wanted to use my camera for more than family photos.

(Trumpet Vine ~ Campsis Radicans)

I began to follow blogs with beautiful photos and inspiring journaling.  The journaling was more than who, what, where and when. The ladies on these blogs shared a part of themselves. One of the blogs I followed was The Kat Eye View Of The World. I silently followed her blog admiring her photos and her journaling. I even got brave enough to link one of my blog posts to her Exploring With A Camera series. Talk about hard to push the button to submit it!! It was terrifying!! I mean seriously...these people, their photos and their journaling intimidated me!! But, what I received from that submission was comments of encouragement and positive feedback. When Kat posted about her upcoming classes, “Find Your Eye Photo Courses With Heart and Soul,” I immediately knew I wanted to take them. If her classes were anything like her blog, I knew I would learn. And I did!
(Green Lynx Spider ~ Peucetia viridans)

I’ve learned about my own photography. Through these classes I’ve been able to identify which elements of photography appeal to me. For instance, the shapes and forms of nature intrigue me. I also look for fascinating small details. As a result of the eye exercises in the class I’ve realized how important it is to look for and use light in my photographs. I've learned not to be controlled by rules and by other photographer’s opinions and photographs. I’ve learned to follow my instincts and my heart. The photos I post won’t always be picture perfect, they may be slightly out of focus or they may not be exposed correctly, but they will be from my heart.

(Surprise Lilies ~ Lycoris Squamigera)

The photo journaling exercises gave me confidence to not only share my photos, but to share a part of my heart with you. It’s not easy, putting yourself out there. I’m a quiet person and I’m not good at sharing emotions. I am not a talented writer, my words may be misspelled, and my sentence structures wrong...but, that doesn’t matter. Just know, I’m sharing from my heart my unique view of the world.


  1. Catky,
    Lovely photos and emotionally true writing. I liked learning more about your journey into the world of artful blogging - how you and your art have grown on this journey. It is difficult to write and share from the heart. I am honored to have joined you on this journey.

  2. Cathy,
    I really enjoyed reading about your journey with blogging and photography. One sentence really stood out for me: "I’ve learned about my own photography." In that one statement I think you summed up what the class was about, learning about our own style and then learning to enhance it. We didn't learn to emulate someone else. We learned to celebrate our own style, and by doing that we celebrate who we are.

    Can't hardly wait until the next session! I'll enjoy your blog between now and then!

  3. Cathy, you are a wonderful, wonderful writer because I can hear "you" in your words. It's like a conversation with a dear friend, and because it comes from your heart I can connect with your writing and your images. I loved reading about your journey. I am so proud of you for overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there, in so many different ways. It's hard, I know, because I continually have to face my fears and move past them. Thank you so much for your wonderful participation and contribution in the course. I'm looking forward to seeing more in October!

  4. You are amongst friends! AND, you are better than you give yourself credit for. I think one thing about growing older is we tend to lose our fear of "putting ourselves out there". You are doing a great job. The spider photo is awesome!

  5. I'm so very proud of you too! Your blogs are from the heart and they make me smile! I think I learn something about you in each blog, and you would think I would know everything about you! :) You are very brave! Love you!!

  6. One more thing...the spider picture is amazing!!!


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