Thursday, September 15, 2011

Short But Sweet

Some of the best days I know are when we spend time with our grandsons!
I was able to take Aaron to the park and play for awhile!
I love to go play with him!
Although, chasing after him wore me out!!

The oldest three were also down for the weekend.
They live about three hours away.
I'm so thankful they don't live any further than that!!
Due to circumstances our time together this weekend was limited.
But, we're never to busy that
we can't get on Gramps Z-Tracs a little!
Jake is old enough to putt around the yard.
Just so you know, we do not let him mow!!
Drew just loves sitting on anything with wheels.
His favorite, though, is the Kubota.
He loves the Kubota!

Josh loves to be on the mower pretending he's driving!
He's waiting while Gramps airs up the tires.

The Univerisity of Arkansas football team played in town this weekend.
 Jake was able to go to the game with his dad!
He had gotten his hair cut earlier in the day and
they spiked his hair with red and white
the colors of the team.
Pretty cool hair job!!

If these guys weren't grinning you'd think they were fussing.
But they do have big grins on their faces.
Josh loves his cousin Aaron!

Every minute I spend with them is a joy!
They bring me such happiness
and always lift my spirits!
I needed this time so badly with them this weekend.
I needed to laugh.
 I needed to get Gramma hugs and kisses!!


  1. They are all absolutely adorable. Great fun shots.

  2. Wonderful photos of your adorable grandsons! I know that wonderful feeling of joy that grandparenthood brings us -- I feel so lucky to have three grandbabies and another one on the way. Unfortunately, my daughters don't want me to publish any pictures of their kids on my blog. Maybe it's good because my blog might display nothing but grandchildren pix if I could.

  3. These are such fun photos! They all look so happy and you've captured some great smiles! I'm so glad we were able to come home. I think we all needed a little family time together after last week. Love you!


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