Friday, September 9, 2011

Find Your Eye ~ Recognizing Inspiration

Everyday I walk around our land with my camera in my hand. Because, even though I've walked there a thousand times, I know I can always find something new to capture. Today, I stopped and looked around. There in the grass were mushrooms, dozens of mushrooms, every size and various colors. You have to realize that I love to photograph mushrooms. I love their colors and their delicate details. Seeing so many together stirred feelings inside of me, feelings of delight at finding the beauty of God's creation, feelings of anticipation of what beautiful details I might discover.

Just seeing the mushrooms brought a feeling of excitement...a little skip of the heart...a quick intake of breath. I dropped to me knees on the wet grass and began snapping pictures. Lots of pictures! There usually comes a point where I tell myself, "OK, you have to stop!" Why? Because, I want to get inside and see what I've captured!

I get just as excited when I upload and review the images as when I'm taking them. I look forward to the "yes, I got what I wanted" or the  "oh wow" when I see something on the screen that I didn't see through the lens.

What do I want to do with these images? Well, of course, I want to share them on my blog or with my photo buddies. I love too share what I've seen and the beauty of God's creation. I know not everyone has time to get out and crawl around on the ground or even has an interest in photography.

This is why I do what I do! Why photography is such a passion to me. The finding, the reviewing, and the sharing brings me joy!

My submission to Find Your Eye ~ Recognizing Inspiration


  1. It is a beautiful mushroom and a lovely photograph, but what is much more beautiful is your desire to share it and through sharing the photograph share the beauty of God's creation.

  2. Your enthusiasm for all aspects of the photographic process shines through in your image and your words. Love the point of view of this shot and the delicate ridges of the mushroom.

  3. What a lovely photo! Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you for sharing your joy in photography with us.

  4. What a fabulous image! I'm so glad that photography is your passion, and that you share it here.

  5. Words of a true addict :-). The photo is absolutely stunning. I am jealous of two things, you have a wonderful macro lens, and that you can get down on the ground to take these kinds of shots. Keep them coming!

  6. I think you feel about mushrooms like I feel about scooters! :) I love the joy and excitement that comes through in your words. I can tell you love this. I, for one, am happy you are showing us the mushrooms. I don't notice that. What a beautiful photo!!

  7. This image and your one on the flickr group look MAGICAL!


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