Tuesday, February 1, 2011


February has arrived! And with it special days and special celebrations. Here's what's going on this month.

February 1 - President Harry Truman signs the bill proclaiming February 1 as National Freedom Day, June 30, 1948

Month Long Observances include:

American Heart Month
American History Month
Children's Dental Health Month
International Friendship Month
National Cherry Month
National Embroidery Month
National Grapefruit Month
National Snack Food Month
National Wild Bird Feeding Month
Responsible Pet Owners' Month

Surely we have plenty to celebrate this month. I think the four I will celebrate the most are:
National Cherry month - I'll eat a lot of cherries...cherry ice cream, cherry coke, cherry cupcakes. I know I can think of other ways as the month goes by.
National Embroidery Month - I'll cross stitch something this month and I'm working on my red snowmen embroidered quilt top.
National Snack Food Month - enough said!
National Wild Bird Feeding Month - I just bought a 30lb bag of bird seed. I'm ready!

I put up my February decoration that are of course Valentine's decorations. These pictures are not very good, it's been so cloudy and my interior light is just not good for photos.
This was the first small quilt I made to hang on my door. I went to a free demonstration on how to make the hearts with Log Cabin blocks.

This small quilt hangs on the inside of the front door. It's a Bargello pattern. I took a class at a local quilt store and made this one.

My garden flag. How appropriate, since this is National Wild Bird Feeding Month!

My cross stitched four-letter word pillow LOVE with hearts, flowers, and envelope buttons!

Just a couple of my Boyd's Bear figurines. My son gave me the one on the left and my husband gave me the snow globe.

This beautiful pottery heart has a special meaning. We made a trip to the city where my Father was born and raised. We were able to see the house that he was born in and visit with the couple who now own it. They have a pottery shop beside the house. This is one of their pieces.

another sweet Boyd's Bear

a basket full of hearts

and Wellington. My daughter gave me this bear several years ago. He loves to dress for the season! I wonder who the flowers and candy are for!

 Love is in the air!! Are you ready for February!


  1. oops... that did not work... forgive me if i already sent you this message earlier. but i wanted to leave one final note for the those p.w. peeps who took the time to comment on my p.w. photos...

    "just wanted to stop and say hello... i'm going through all the profiles of those who commented on my picture winter photos, and looking to see if they have blogs or flickr accounts {and if not, then sending an e-mail}... so that i can A) say thank you for the comments and feedback you gave me, and B) let them know i would love to stay in touch... especially to those who expressed interest in keeping up to date on what is happening with my pregnancy. since i can not remember all who asked, i thought i would just go through each profile and send a message. =)

    i'll be updating my blog periodically with baby news... just in case you are interested:

    thanks again for all your comments on p.w.! it was an inspiration to meet you and see your work! i hope to see more of it even though the class is over."

    i'm now officially a follower of your blog. wish you all the best!



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