Thursday, February 24, 2011

Self Portrait

Second post today, but I've had a nerve wracking day!!
The first prompt for my new class Picture Inspiration is to take a self portrait. This is tough!! How do you take a photo of yourself that looks natural??
Here's my final choice. It's a mirror shot. I tried a tripod, but couldn't get any good shots. At least in the mirror you can see what you look like!
I had to eat a handful of M&M's to just push the button to upload the photo in my gallery. I am too shy for this!!  But, since I took about 50 pictures and you are all my friends, I'll share a few with you. But only if you don't laugh.

 First, I have to tell you this story and you can laugh about this. I don't have a mirror that doesn't have a lot of clutter in the background. I had to crop in close to get rid of the shelves and the shower stall in the picture above. I also had to edit out a little part of a shelf. I'm saying that to say this. I have gotten into the habit of carrying my camera in my purse. Today, at the library, I went into the rest room and guess clutter on their walls that will show in the picture. So I grab my camera and there I was taking self portraits in the mirror at the library. I wonder if anyone noticed how long I was in there? I took several when I heard the door open, stashed the camera in my purse and left. When I got home and looked at the photos, sadly none of them were any good. I guess I was a little tense about someone catching me!!

Back to the portraits, this one might have been OK, but the shower stall is right beside my face. and when you cropped in, you get a lot of wrinkles!!

Oooh, do you see me?

 Look at the camera!!

What's the deal with the raised eyebrows?

 Surprise! You're on candid camera!

Don't talk to yourself and my what a wrinkled hand!!
Look at that grey side burn!!
I'm calm now, chocolate worked!!
Picture is posted.
I'm done for this week!
I sure hope next week's prompt is easier!!

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  1. These are really fun pictures! I just hope there were not hidden cameras in the bathroom! :)


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