Friday, February 18, 2011

A Rainbow Of Colors

The prompt in our FB photo group was "somewhere over the rainbow". I couldn't come up with anything until yesterday, when I was playing at Aaron's house. I saw rainbow colors, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Just look at all these rainbow colors I found.

We played cars and look at the rainbow of colors in the cars. There's always someone who doesn't want to cooperate in pictures. Look at our garbage man (green truck) he's driving the wrong way!! But Aaron didn't care!

Then he played in his ball pit. Plenty of rainbow colors there.  And plenty of giggles. I had a hard time getting a good shot. Aaron was too fast for my camera!

Next we stacked shapes. Bright rainbow of colors. I think his two favorite colors of shapes are green and yellow. When I changed his diaper he had to hold the green and yellow circles so he could be still for Gramma.
After his nap he wanted to watch Cookie Monster on TV. I couldn't figure out how to watch a video, so I called Randy. He was able to guide me through and YEAH we got Cookie Monster. Here's Aaron's reaction. He was so excited. He giggled, danced and ran around.

He was so cute this morning. He got caught playing in the fireplace ashes, cold ashes of course!! Anyway, Aimee put up this note to stop him. It works!! He walks over reads the note and says" No touch!" How about that!! He is just too smart!! In case you're wondering what he's watching, it's still Cookie Monster. I think we watched it three times!!
We had a great day, lots of playing, hugging and a little sugar!  When I left he said "I wuv you, Gramma."  There's nothing sweeter than grandsons saying they love you!!!

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