Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treasures On Thursday

February is almost over.
 So, I have a couple of days to post a few more hearts!
These hearts are on needle rolls from my collection.
I stitched them several years ago.
A friend and I both stitched quite a few of
Shepherd's Bush needle rolls.
Needle rolls are just elongated pin cushions.

She placed hers in a milk glass dish
 and I placed mine in this beautiful dish
that I picked up at a flea market.
It's called Iris and Herringbone.
 The dish and needle rolls sit on a
vintage handkerchief.  I also like to
pick up handkerchiefs at flea markets.
Yet, another collection I have!

Since it's February I place the needle rolls that have hearts on them with my Valentine pretties. 
The needle rolls are done wih 
 fancy stitches,
little bits of lace,
 beads, charms, and ribbon.
So fun to stitch and beautiful to look at.
The one on the right is done in "white work"
 even though it is ecru.
White work is when you stitch in a color of thread
that matches the background fabric, usually white,
but sometimes ecru.

As you can see in the bowl
I have several more needle rolls.
I'll show  you those up close in future
Treasures On Thursday.

Hope your Thursday is a great one!!

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  1. What beautiful work you did. The whitework heart is really special.


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