Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've Been Scrapbooking!!

I just realized it has been a long time since I posted any scrapbook pages. I have been a little caught up in photography, but I've still been scrapbooking! So, get comfortable, put your feet up and grab some hot chocolate or a soda pop, because this may take a while!

I'll start with the ones I just finished yesterday. I finally, finally got completely finished with the pages from my Jefferson, Texas trip with my sister.  I am well pleased with the way these pages turned out. It was a wonderful trip and it deserved some extra treatment!

First, the intro page. We had someone take our picture outside my very favorite home in Jefferson. I'm so glad we did, since I needed it for this page.

My journaling pages are next. I told about our trip on the left page and then told the history of Jefferson on the right. It took me three pages for the history. I stapled them at the top so they could be read if you pulled out the page. I really didn't figure anyone would really read them, I just wanted the history recorded with the album. Now all I need is the album I ordered to put them in. I can't believe I'm finished!

At a recent crop I went to, I worked on Jake's 8th birthday party. Jake had a Super Mario party and his Aunt Aimee brought her punch fountain that was filled with Kool-Aid. It was a fun party!
I tried two new things on this spread. I hand-stitched between the green and orange paper on the left side and then across the orange on the right page. I also used a distressing ink to "dirty" the edges of the papers.

I also did pages of the fun times we had while the boys were here for Jake's birthday. Jake enjoyed playing ball sometimes kickball, sometimes volley ball.

Drew loves to play with anything that has wheels.

And Josh plays with anything with wheels also. And yes, there is a "Watching Aaron Play" page that is in my next to-do pages.

I also worked on a Fourth Of July page for Aaron. We went to his house and celebrated the 4th. Aaron had on the cutest overalls with an American flag on the back.
I tried a new technique on the title. I ran the letters through my Cuttlebug and then rubbed distressing inks across them. The ink only colored the raised parts of the letters.

The next pages I worked on are of Drew and Josh when they were playing in the rain dripping off the porch roof. This was day of Aaron's first birthday party. Drew just couldn't stay on the porch. If you look at the series of photos on the right page, you will see he eventually stepped into the ran.

Josh was more careful, he tried to stay on the porch, although he couldn't resist tasting the water.

Being in the holiday mood, I worked on Christmas 2010 for all four boys.

You probably can't see on the photo, but I used brads in the center of the circles and also on for the pom-pom on Santa's hat. I don't know why, but I really like brads. You'll find them on a lot of my pages.

Drew's pages have white star brads that match the white stars in the border on top of the right page. The stars are between the reindeer that really look like bunnies in this photo. But, there is a row of reindeer and white stars.

Josh's has white star brads, also.

And lastly, Aaron's page for Christmas. I used white circle brads for the pom-poms on Santa's hat and also white star brads on the Christmas trees.

Whew, we're done now. These pictures don't show the pages very well. I started to take a shot of each page also, but that would have been 26 more photos to look at!! I figured you'd really grow tired by then.

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed them. I definitely enjoyed making them!

Make some memories each day!!

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  1. These look great. I can't wait to see the Christmas pages in person. They look very cute and fun - just like your grandsons!


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