Friday, February 11, 2011


We've had another wonderful snow. This is rare for us, so we better enjoy it, we may not get this much snow again for years!  I'm so excited to get outside.  I put on my many layers of clothes, three pairs of thick socks, two pairs of pants, shirt, jacket, and coat,  and Mr. H's combat boots  (I don't have boots to wear in the snow) and head outside, usually with my camera.

It began snowing on Wednesday, small snowflakes, but lots of them. This is one of my favorite pictures from the first day of snow. I didn't take many when it was snowing so hard , it was difficult to keep my camera dry. This one I took off the front porch.

Later, in the day when the snow slowed down I ventured out into the winter wonderland. Even our old rusty windmill looks great in the snow.

Near our property is a small creek that makes for some great winter shots.

I loved this little blob of snow in the middle of the creek. It's a branch that is sticking out of the water. The snow piled up on the tip of the branch.

The snow even piled up on a railroad spike. Our neighbors used old railroad cross ties for his fence post and some of the spikes are still in the ties.

This is vine climbing up one of the pine trees. It's about three inches thick and really hairy!! I don't know what kind of vine it is but it makes an interesting photo!

Here's an appropriate one since it's love birds under a blanket of snow! 

And then there's the birds. I filled up my feeder early in the morning and by afternoon it was empty. These little guys were hungry. I wish I had a better camera so I could get better close-ups. They were really flying around, especially the cardinals. The cardinals kept trying to run everyone else off, but no luck. The other birds just ignored them.

Here's Mr. H, he just drove right up on the porch. I stuck my camera out the door and snapped his picture.
It was a wonderful snow we got from 61/2" to 71/2" of snow depending where you measured.

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  1. These are great pictures! I love the one in the heavy snow! Looks like a blizzard. The hairy vine reminds me of a hairy orangutan arm! Funny. And would that be a burp cloth over Gramps' face? I need to dig mine out of the attic for the boys. Drew and Josh did wear their play tool goggles today while we rode 4-wheelers. They thought it was fun to be like Jake! No teary eyes either!


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