Thursday, February 10, 2011

Treasures On Thursday

I think I've mentioned before that I follow Lori Holt's blog A Bee In My Bonnet. On Monday's she blogs about vintage items. I'm lovin' it!! This past Monday she blogged about her beginnings in embroidery and her vintage embroidery patterns. Good idea!! I thought I'd do the same.

This is one of my very early pieces. You can tell by the fabric that has aged a golden brown. It was printed on fabric in a little plastic frame. I really wish you could see it up close. There's knots on the front and a long blue string hanging off the back that was never cut off. There is even sections that are not stitched, the hat, her nose and mouth.  I wonder if I just missed these areas or just put it down and forgot to finish it. We will never know. I'm guessing I was probably six or seven when I stitched it. Who knew that such a small start would lead to a lifetime of stitching.


My latest embroidery project is my red and white snowman quilt. Here's a look at some of the blocks. I've been making the sashing and assembling the top getting it ready to be quilted.

This is appropriate for today because it's snowing!!  It just began, but I think we're in for several inches of snow.  I love to watch the snow!!

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