Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What a fun weekend we had! My daughter and her boys came to visit. It's so good to see them! While they were here we got a really nice snow. It snowed all day Friday. I'm not sure how much, maybe a couple of inches. But, enough to have fun!
Jacob brought his four-wheeler so he could ride with Gramps. We didn't know they'd get to ride in the snow. Which is of course, a whole lot more fun!!Before you panic, Jake only rides under adult supervision and he has been taught to respect his four-wheeler and  to stay out of dangerous situations. We ride on our property and on an old railroad bed. I even rode some. I figure with four grandsons, I need to learn to enjoy what they like to do or I'm going to be left out!
Here's the crew ready for some fun riding.
Mom and Drew, Gramps and Josh, and Jake.

Of course, you can't stay outside all the time, so we also made Valentine sugar cookies, played Uno, and made a tremendous mess with the toys. The more toys that are out, the more fun we can have! We also had time for a little craftiness. We made Valentine heart door hangers.

Aaron was able to come over on Saturday and play with us. He played with the race track while Aunt Aimee was teaching Josh a finger play. Josh was so excited he couldn't be still, he's just a blur of happiness!
We had a great time. The snow melted off the roads so they were able to head home on Sunday. There's more snow in our forecast for Wednesday. "They" say we may get 8 to 10 inches here! That's a lot for us, we seldom get 6" all winter. But, that's OK with me, I have no place to go and plenty of food and if the power stays on, I'll be on computer the or piecing quilt blocks, or working on my red/white quilt or any number of things. I can always find something to do as I look out the window and watch the snow fall.

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  1. Wow, we really had a great time didn't we? I love the picture of the cookie making! What a great idea! I love the picture with Josh the "blur" too! It fits him perfectly!


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