Thursday, February 3, 2011

Treasures On Thursday

Not only has taking the Picture Winter class helped me to see differently and be more aware of everything around, but it has also brought back memories. One day our prompt was to photography our name. It was called "your name in lights." Several shots were of personalized jewelry. This sent me to my jewelry box to find my old jewelry.
Of course, this is the oldest. It was made at the hospital where I was born. Even though my name is spelled wrong, it's still special to me!
I've always like charm bracelets. I love to hear the faint jingle from the charms as you wear them. The first one I had was in junior high. There's not a whole lot of meaning in most of the charms, just things I liked, like the small ladder that opens. I was part of the homecoming court in my seventh and ninth grade, therefore the football goal. I met Mr. H in junior high, therefore the bench with two hearts.
This bracelet I had in high school and includes a charm for graduation.

And the most special bracelet, the one given to me by Mr.H. There's a heart, a charm for graduation, one that says "I'll Never Stop Loving You" with his initials on the back, Finally 20,   the liberty bell (I bought this one when I was in Philadelphia), Happy Birthday, and "rain or shine I love you".  And he still does love me! The ring was his initial ring that he gave to me when we went "steady". It still has the ribbon that I had to wind around it so it wouldn't fall off my finger.

Look in your jewelry box and see if you have something that brings back such wonderful memories.

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I'm so glad I got to see these in person! Such great memories! I love the charm from daddy with his initials on it! Who knew he could be so romantic!


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