Saturday, February 19, 2011

Picture This 2011

A few more photos I've posted this week on the FB group I joined. I don't post everyday, nor do I feel obligated to run out and take a photo for the prompt. I have enjoyed being able to sometimes go back to older pics I've taken and use some of them. Sometimes it's really hard to come up with a shot that fits. For several of these I had to get creative.

Between The Lines
I really wanted to go take a picture of the train rails, but it has been so overcast and glummy that I knew I'd not get a good shot. So I found this one in my archives. I was playing with taking shadows that day. I'm standing between the shadow lines of the trees.
I did take this one just for this prompt. When I opened this package of cookies, the first thing I saw was the icing between the lines.
I posted the top two. When I was searching for a photo these also fit the prompt. The trail between the tree line
and snow between the lines of the fence.

Might As Well Jump
Dug in my photos again for this one. I took this picture this summer when we were at Patty's. Mr. H had spotted the frog and we all had to go see him. I thought he fit this prompt perfectly. I beefed up the greens in Picasa, he wasn't really quite this green!!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
As I mentioned last post I found lots of rainbow inspiration at my grandson, Aaron's house. We built a rainbow with his stacking toy. Does anyone notice that I stacked the colors wrong. It should have been red, orange and then yellow!! I guess I should have done the ROY G BIV, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  Ah well, they are rainbow colors, just not in the right order! the squares are in the right order though!

Enjoy your day!

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