Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays ~ January 30, 2013

This past week I stopped by a small pond to see if any ducks had wintered over. Not a one was in sight, only beautiful reflections. I like this reflection. No, that's not zebras reflecting in the water it's a black iron fence. About the time I started taking pictures, I heard the loudest squawking!  I looked across the way and here came the ducks. They had seen me and thought I had bread to feed them. I didn't and therefore they weren't too impressed with me. They seemed a little lost, wondering what to do now!!  The lady brought no bread!
It was amazing to see such a variety of ducks. My favorites were the ones with the little tufts on their heads. They looked like they were wearing their Sunday bonnets.


They watched me for a while and then started swimming off.
Then they turned around and came back.

They swam to the left...
and they swam to the right.
I never did figure out who was their leader, but they sure knew how to follow.  They stuck so close together that I couldn't get a picture without cutting off half of a duck.

Except of this one and all I could get was his backside!

I spent a good while walking by the pond and just watching their hilarious antics!!  They reminded me of myself when I can't seem to get focused! I just spend the day rushing off in that direction and then back in another direction.  Maybe I need a leader!!
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  1. What an enjoyable outing, Cathy! I LOVE your reflections in the water -- so beautiful! Your pictures of the ducks made me miss my favorite park in my old hometown, with its lovely pond and all the ducks and geese. They are fun to watch.

  2. Love the ducks. I thought ours had taken off too, but then yesterday I saw them all gathered around my bird feeder than is laying on the ground from the high winds and they were happy for the moment. The ducks with the little tufts are precious.

  3. Oooh - love that reflection - and it would be much more fun to imagine that you captured a reflected zebra :) Such gorgeous colors and beautifully distored ripples. Those ducks are definitely a hoot.

  4. I chuckled at the photo of the backside of the duck. Really like the water reflections, great shoot

  5. This is a wonderful adventure you've captured, Cathy. Oh how I love taking pics of geese and ducks. They are so much fun to watch. Poor Kobi is so patient when I stop at ponds to observe them. Yes ... the duck with the plume on the top of its head is the one that caught my eye immediately ... never seen one like that. And the first reflection is marvelous. Thanks so much for joining Walk and Click Wednesdays!

  6. Lovely water reflection, Cathy. I like the "zebra" shapes! Those ducks are so amusing with their dashing back and forth! That's probably why children enjoy watching them so much, there is always a lot of movement!

  7. Love the water reflection in the first one- lovely.

  8. Great story and shots, my favorite is the first one with the beautiful ripples.

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