Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Count, Stop, Snap

The third time's a charm, or at least today it was!

I opened my email from Kat Eye Studio and read today's creative exercise. We were to pick a number and go for a walk. Using the chosen number to count steps, stop, look around, and find something interesting to photograph. Then, repeat this for at least ten times.  No problem, out I went into the frosty, cold morning. Let me stop for just a moment, please. Check out my Christmas present...new hiking boots from Mr. H along with my mantra for this year...focus!

Back to the story...I picked the number 37. At first I found myself quickly counting my steps, snapping a picture, and moving on. I was, after all, on familiar ground in my yard and the woods at the edge of our property. I did finally make myself slow down and look harder for something more unusual. All done!! Before I even uploaded my images, I began to think about the exercise. I wondered if I had really gotten anything from it. I did enjoy myself, found some fascinating bits of nature. But, did it really "fuel my creativity?" I didn't think so. I was just in my normal routine of looking for interesting things in nature. I wanted more out of the exercise.

It's a good thing I didn't have any specific plans today. I had time for TRY NUMBER TWO! I choose the number seven this time since I decided to stay indoors. I rarely take photos of my home, I'm just not good at it!!  Nature is my muse! Instead of being inspired, I was frustrated and irritated! My steps seemed to stop at uninspiring places. Maybe I should have chosen a different number or taken longer steps!! One time all that was around me was a light switch! All I could think about was that it needed a little cleaning and why in the world does anyone need that many switches on one place! This definitely was not fun!

So...TRY NUMBER THREE! I decided to go somewhere I've never been before. I had heard of a small lake with a walking trail about 20 minutes from where I live. Perfect!! Isn't it a beautiful place!

I chose the number 59, which happens to be my age, and then walked the trail. Oh yes, this was more my style! I had no problems finding things that interested me. I made myself look around me, look at my feet, and then look up. I tried very hard to look for something unusual and not just take pictures of the lake. I spent over an hour there and took way more than the ten required photos!

Okay, let's get started!!!  I laughed out loud at finding a great first photo!!

ribbon in a tree

weeds will grow anywhere

a peek at the sun


rock? unusual?
it can be unusual when you change  your point of view

fishing on the bridge

hiding out

end of the pier

tribute to fishermen
or either there's a lot of bad fishermen
at this lake that can't see a power line over their heads!

When I got back to the car I was excited, exhilarated from the walk and fresh air, and anxious to get home to see what I'd captured! I've been in a little rut with my photography lately and this outing and exercise were exactly what I needed.
I assure you that I'll be doing this again, but probably not three times in one day.


  1. You got some very good pictures along with healthy exercise! Good job!

  2. Love the different results, a very useful exercise.

  3. I actually like the shots from the three different places. Maybe the first two were familiar, so you weren't excited about the photos, but I found myself examining those pics to see what you had captured outside and in. I did really enjoy the lake walk, too. I'll have to try that exercise!

  4. What a great excerise and photography. This even makes me want to go out in the cold. I need to take up night photograpy, that is the only time I am home. Thanks for posting.

  5. Cathy, I loved hearing about your experience, and how you felt about the trials of a light switch. Although it wasn't your cup of tea, I think what you got was an interesting array of your home, light switch and all. I did really enjoy your time by the lake. I can't wait to get time to do this more often, thought it was a great experiement for when you are feeling so not into photography. Now go clean that light switch!

  6. Well, if you aren't the model of persistence! And I applaud you for it. I feel the same way about taking photos at home - I empathize with your frustration 100%. But then look where you ended up - stepping your way through such a beautiful area. My favorite is "fishing on the bridge" with its amazing, mirror-like reflection. And the simplicity of your tribute to fisherman. You definitely stepped your way out of your rut.


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