Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's Color!

As you probably noticed in the last few posts, I'm taking a workshop "Fuel Your Creativity" with Kat Eye Studio. She sends us daily emails with great exercises and inspiring words. Today we were to play with color using either crayons, colored pencils, paints or whatever we had.  I chose to use my crayons and color. I have always loved to color. I can remember when my Mom showed us how to color in very tiny circles so you wouldn't have streaks. Don't look at the coloring below, I wasn't coloring in small circles, but in swift lines. Oh, and please ignore the spot of ink on my finger! I was journaling right before I started coloring!
Finding the crayons was easy. They sit in my craft room just because I like to look at them!  Finding the sketch book I wanted was a little bit harder!  I sat down at the kitchen table and just sat there.
Where should I begin?
What shapes should I draw? 
Can I just scribble?
Why do I make things so hard?
It's just crayons!!
I picked my favorite color "cornflower blue" and began to draw shapes. I used every crayon in my box of 48. I noticed that when I liked a color I colored large, curved areas. When I didn't really like the color I only colored small areas with sharp edges. After playing with all the colors, I still liked my "cornflower blue" the best!
My favorite colors:
cornflower blue and mauve (both appear in our home)
Least favorite colors:
apricot and golden rod
Favorite color combination:
 indigo and red violet
And just for fun my favorite crayon names:
granny smith apple
macaroni and cheese
purple mountains majesty
I colored for a good while, a page with random shapes, a page that looked like stained glass with all the various blues outlined in red violet, a page that I divided in half vertically with a black line and drew strips of each color, and a page where I wrote the color names.
The exercise inspired me to take pictures of my crayons, but the light was awful. It was so rainy and dark. That inspired me to make a photography light box. I had been saving a box just for this project.
Did I enjoy this exercise?
Did I feel creative?
Oh, Yes!!
I colored.
I made my light box.
I took lots of pictures.
It can't get much better than that!!
Coloring is such a relaxing activity.
I'll be pulling out my crayons more often!


  1. thanks Cathy, I enjoyed your post again on your exercises. I didn't have a chance yesterday to do this. I hope to get to it today. I am behind already. Sigh. I like how you have displaced your images with the crayons.

  2. I enjoyed all your extra pictures on colour here, Cathy, and those wax crayons remind me of my own childhood! Such lovely vibrant colours and now many children seem to be into coloured felt pens... but it's not the same feeling, is it?

  3. Love this post Cathy. I'm so happy (and jealous) that you're taking Kat's class. Financially I just couldn't swing it this time. Food over fun, you know. I am not a drawing kind of artist...doesn't mean sometimes I don't noodle around-often with colored pencils, but I do have a box of crayons and something about them is comforting.
    I love the shots you took of the various colors from different POVs. And as for that light box. I need to make one too. I have the box, the paper for inside, the tissue paper to cover the sides....did I make it yet? Hell no. thanks for the nudge.

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I just love all those vibrant colors in your photos!

  5. Hi Cathy ~ I came over from our class in Flickr because I loved your crayon photo! I enjoyed reading your post about this assignment - it was a lot of fun, wasn't it? I'd be really interested in knowing more about that cool light box for your photography. :o)

  6. wow cathy! i would say this class is really fueling your creativity because these shots are awesome!! still getting used to my macro lens and you have totally inspired me to play! :)

  7. I enjoyed this colorful post. I think these crayons are just the right fuel for your creativity.

    After postponing for a year, I finally signed in for one of Tracey Clark's Big Picture Classes. I love it!

  8. I love your shots of your crayons I can almost smell who knew that something so simple can create such a great feeling. I think we should all embrace our inner colourer!!!!

  9. There is something about coloring that is almost like therapy! Love your images!

  10. What a sense of freedom and childlike joy emanates from these images and your words. Love those last two shots, of your crayons with their points well-used, beautifully lit in your light box. Yes, I would say the coloring exercise was a hands-down success!


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