Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings!

I'm tired today. I've pretty much sat here with my computer on my lap and read blogs. I did spend some time changing up my blog a little. I did some decluttering by moving many items to the bottom. Several blogs I visit have changed up their look and that made me want to do the same. Since I've been decluttering the house and cleaning up the yard, I might as well clean up my blog.

We've had several physically hard days in a row, so I'm taking it easy. You may have read about our ice/snow storm and the damaged cedars having to be pushed down. We lost one huge pine tree and seven rather large cedar trees. What does that create? A huge mess to be cleaned up!  We started Friday and have hauled, cut, and burned for four days, minus the time we spent in church on Sunday. Neither one of us are spring chickens and I'm feeling the effects of the work!  Not so much sore, just tired. We have accomplished a lot.
There's not anything good about loosing trees. The cedar trees were planted by Mr. H and our son when he was young. Yeah, it was sad to see them fall!  I was fine until it was time to cut the biggest cedar into pieces for burning. Made me shed a few tears. Not only were they sentimental, but I enjoyed their lovely green year round.  I wish you could have smelled the ceder as they were sawed into pieces. It was wonderful. It was also fascinating to see the heart of the cedar; beautiful rosy colors surrounded by faint yellow.
As I was throwing limbs on the fire, I saw this heart-shaped log. It was like a last little love sign from the cedars.  We planted them, we nurtured them, and they grew to be well of 30 feet tall. The center that was rosy turned to white  and the outside that was pale yellow turned black. I thought that was quite interesting, I would have thought it would be the other way around.
I think one of the reasons I may be so tired and drained is because it was so hot yesterday.  It was over 70 degrees!  Between the temperature and the heat from the fire, it was extremely hot! 
We really worked hard!!
Well, uh...yeah I know, that's my feet propped up.
I did work I promise!
See my muddy boots!!
And, that's my little green cart and my pink gloves!

On another note, the guys came out and hooked up our new gas stove. We bought it to keep us warm if our power goes out again.  Isn't it pretty and doesn't it look toasty warm.  Oh right, I just said it was a 70 degree day.  We did have a fire going but only for a minute, long enough for me to take a picture.

It looks like winter inside with the stove, but look what I found outside! My jonquils are blooming! My Japonica bush is blooming!  As I said before...WHERE IS WINTER???  Do you know what the bugs, mosquitoes, ticks and such will be like if we don't get some freezing weather!!  Unthinkable misery is in our future!!
I am concerned about our weather today. When it's 70 in January in Arkansas it's a given that severe weather will be in the picture.  The map below doesn't look to promising. The wind has picked up considerably and part of the state is now a under a tornado watch. I'll be keeping a close eye as it sweeps across the state
I know this was just a rambling kind of post.
Hope you don't mind.
I wish each of you a great week.
I'll be praying for those of you that may have some bumpy weather coming your way.


  1. A real shame about the cedar that had to be burned. That would make anyone tired, all of that physical work. I hope the bad weather passes you by. We are under a thunderstorm watch for this afternoon and evening.

  2. I enjoy your rumblings as u say. U did work hard but documented nicely I word and images. Hope the weather isn't as bad as that looks.

  3. well...as you might know, i happen to be quite fond of rambling blog posts. hehehe :) and as a sweet friend once told me, it's like sitting across the table, as friends do, sharing our lives.

    all joking aside though, i am sorry for the loss of your trees. we lost two huge mature shade trees during the ice storm several years ago. and it's so sad to lose them - not only the shade and beauty they provide but also for sentimental reasons. but wow that heart in the middle while it's burning cathy!! that's the coolest thing. totally a love note from God.

    hope the storms come and go without any damage. love, kelly

  4. I understand about being sad when trees have to be cut down. It's like loosing dear friends, in my book.

    Love the new layout! The nice thing about having your own blog is that you get to be the designer (to a point) and can change it up when you like. I've done that a few times, as you know.

    We had 60 degree weather here today, and tomorrow evening it will be down to the 20s. Go figure!

  5. You did work hard - you deserve to ramble! I love the look of the cedar, and the small heart you found as you burned. I can almost smell that fragrant wood. A tiny bit of snow fell in Denver, but it's to be spring-like again over the weekend.

  6. I think I feel as sad as you do seeing those beautiful trees having to come down. They hold so many memories for you too.
    I hope that you are spared the stormy weather.

  7. That heart shape in the fire is awesome. We have a gas fireplace and I love it. Very helpful when the power goes out. It is some weird weather. Yesterday it was 60 degrees last week it was zero and by Friday it will be back in the teens for highs. No wonder my body hurts.

  8. Stay safe! We are having wind warnings here in Ohio too. And don't apologize for your "ramblings" - sometimes that's what we need to do. Love your bits of spring - although I do hope you get some more winter before the season is over so you can enjoy that fireplace. So sorry about the loss of your trees.


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