Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How's the Weather?

Don't you just love that there is one topic of conversation
that always brings a discussion.
It's a great conversation starter and it's not politically incorrect...too personal...or boring, at least not if you live in Arkansas!  We talk about the weather a lot around here! 
Let's see...
Saturday ~ 70 degrees and sunshine
Sunday ~ thunderstorms bringing colder air
Monday ~ cold with a little sleet
Tuesday~ freezing with a lot of sleet and snow flurries
Wednesday ~ it could be anything!!
Most weather doesn't stop me from getting outside!
I love the cold and I love winter!
I know, I know...I'm different!!
The two images above where yesterday's sleet. I find if very interesting that yesterday's sleet was was round and solid while and today's sleet is more translucent.  Since I had nothing else to do on this cold, icy day I did a little research on sleet/ice pellets.
I'm sorry to say, because I love snow, that sleet begins to fall as snow! Once the snow begins to fall it encounters a shallow layer of warm air and partially melts. The partially melted snow enters the deep cold layer and refreezes into an ice-pellet and becomes sleet.

It seems that sleet is classified into two types: 1) hard grains of ice consisting of frozen rain drops or largely melted and refrozen snowflakes; 2) pellets of snow encased in a thin layer of ice. I'm no weather man but, I think yesterday's sleet was type 2 and today's was type 1.
Aren't you glad I looked that up for you!!
I know you were just dying to know the answer!

Enough said about sleet!
I just hope the power stays on!
Oh, by the way, how's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. cathy i just love this! :) what's funny is that last semester my daughter took a meteorology class. so saturday when we got freezing rain i got a lesson about that too. :) isn't it so great though how photography can inspire us to learn new things! xoxox

  2. Cathy - Your photos bring beauty to the world of ice! Cold here in CO - very cold. With not enough snow, unfortunately.

  3. You totally made me smile at your explanation of sleet! It's been cold, raining, grey, repeat.... ;) It's been strange because here in Texas on the coast we see the sun almost all the time...I'm not used to it being so gloomy! Lovely photos!

  4. Wow! Arkansas has certainly been experiencing its share of "unique" winter weather! Love that image of the two kinds of sleet mixed together. I'm wondering what it is doing in your part of the world today? And I'm like you - except for cold rain, I just bundle up and head out regardless of the weather.

    1. Brenda, it's cold but sunny! We will be above freezing today! Yeah!

  5. Yes, the weather is always an interesting topic, especially these last few months. We've been up and down and warm and very cold. Thanks for the lesson on sleet -- I'm happy to skip that experience!


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