Friday, January 11, 2013

It' Sometimes Just The Little Things!

It all began with a simple exercise to make a list of what I was grateful for. I was then to close my eyes, land my pencil on one word I'd written, and write a letter of gratitude to that person, object, or whatever it may have been. After two minutes of quickly jotting down what I was grateful for, I closed my eyes and my pencil fell on the word "rain."   I had written it down because it was raining and I was glad. I know to some of you it's strange to be grateful for rain, but I am!  Here's my note.

Dear Rain,

I know this sounds odd, but I am grateful for you today. After the extreme drought and heat of the summer, I still smile every time you come. I'm thankful that you fell as rain and not freezing rain or sleet. I'm thankful that the added moisture and warmer temperatures brought fog this morning. I took a lovely walk in the woods through the fog with you lightly falling on my head. I listening as you fell from the trees and splashed in the creek. You soothed me as I took long, deep breaths and smelled the damp, wet earth and trees. All days can't be sunny and bright, our earth needs you!
Singing in the rain,

Then comes the second part of my day. The rain quit for a while in the afternoon and I decided to get my grocery shopping over with.  I parked the car and there was a grocery buggy pushed up to a post nearby. That's a pet peeve of mine, I don't understand why anyone would leave one sitting on the lot and not push it to the store or the buggy return. Obviously, they have never seen one caught by the wind, begin to roll, and crash into the side of someone's car! Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now and get on with the story! Oh, my, as I began to push this buggy to the store, I realized I had just touched the cadallic model of a shopping cart!  Seriously, never in the over forty years of grocery shopping have I ever pushed such a smooth buggy. She  (yes I think it was a she) didn't have a dent or a ding, her handle was smooth and her chrome was shiny. Her wheels...perfect, all four of them, black and smooth with just a small amount of dirt on them. She was silent, not a sound did she make. No squeaks or pops, no annoying thud as a wheel rotated. She was brand new, I know she was! She sailed down the aisles, smoothly negotiated the corners, and glided to the checkout. I'm sure I must have forgotten something at the store. I spent so much time marveling at my buggy. I wanted to stop other shoppers and let them have a chance to push this buggy. They would have been filled with envy! After I loaded my groceries in the trunk, I pushed her into one of the buggy returns. I wanted to take my key and etch my initials in her handle so I could find her again. What are those chances?  Zero to none!!  As I left her I patted her handle and bid her fair well. If anyone had been around I would have said "here take this buggy, you will love her!"
Being grateful doesn't always have to be about the big things. Sometimes it's the silliest, smallest things that can bring us joy!

If you want to turn your life around,
try thankfulness.
It will change your life mightily.
~Gerald Good

Fuel Your Creativity Gratitude Exercise


  1. Your rain image and letter are wonderful, Cathy! Gratitude is a powerful practice -- it has you singing in the rain. Your story about the shopping cart made me smile....small things can make such a difference, can't they?

  2. Cathy I am on the same soap box about carts. I hate it so much, I will usually push the cart to the cart area.

    Love that rain shot with the drops on the branches. Well now I am two days behind on the exercises. I hope to catch up on one or two today.

  3. I love this post, and I am in tune with the idea of being changed by being thankful for the little things, it changes your life doesn't it. I had 'Thanks' as my one little word a few years ago.

  4. We are in the drought area too and I was delighted to see the rain that we got yesterday.

  5. I love both these stories - your gratefulness for the rain and the wonderful grocery cart miracle. That one had me smiling. I didn't know that perfect carts actually existed. Now I have hope that one day I will too experience the grocery cart miracle.

  6. Only my sister could journal about a buggy at the store. This made me laugh right out loud. You are a very very thankful person, even in the small things of life. Gotto love it.

  7. We are having so much rain here at the moment , but no flooding thank goodness, love your shopping trolley story, it so rare tomhave a smooth one I hatenitbwhen they start to go sideways...

  8. This made me laugh out loud! And I know exactly what you mean! I had a good buggy this morning and it made the 16 degree temp a little less noticeable as I pushed the buggy to my car. A happy buggy makes a happy shopper!

  9. I love both stories. And you´re true about gratefulness... it´s not about great things only, it´s also about tiny things and even silly things. Indeed it´s about everything


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