Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{in the picture} ~ December 2012

In The Picture

I am just not believing it!!
I missed the last link up for {in the picture}!!!
I'm a little disappointed in myself,
actually very disappointed!
Our last prompt was "celebrate."
I chose to celebrate Christmas!

This ornament has special meaning to me.
It hung on our very first Christmas tree forty years ago! 

I  have a large collection of "The Night Before Christmas" books and love to look at the beautiful art work!

ringing bells in celebration

We lost power on Christmas day due to an ice/snow storm.
I celebrated having brand new cozy slippers to keep my feet warm.
Well, I did it!!!
I took at least four self-portraits a month in 2012!
I'm quite proud of that!!!
The experience has been a good one for me.
I started off shy, embarrassed and feeling ridiculous!
Then, I loosened up some and
even took a planking photo in a public place!!
I still don't like being in front of the camera, but I realize how important it is that my children and grandchildren see some photos of me.
Thanks,  Christy at Urban Muser for hosting this great group!
I've enjoyed seeing each of you each month!


  1. I love the cosy slippers and you behind that famous Christmas story! I bet your grandsons love that! I was late with my last In the Picture celebration too, but finally managed to put it up!

  2. I enjoyed your Christmas photos. The slippers look warm and cozy!

  3. I had much the same experience with the sp's, never easy but it gets easier over time. Love the one of you behind the books.

  4. I have such deep admiration for you - to work through your negative feelings about being in front of the camera and sticking with this project for the entire year. I have so enjoyed seeing your creativity each month and watching you blossom. Love the first one of you reflected in your treasured ornament.

  5. I am so glad you have grown. What beautiful photos. Documenting the ornaments are so special. I loved you peaking over the book. Great! Sharp.

  6. You did great-glad I caught your inthepicture post. I love the one looking over the book-that's cute.


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