Thursday, May 5, 2011

Treasures on Thursday

We've looked at my Nannie's quilts and my Mom's quilts, so I guess it's time for mine. I've only completed one large bed size quilt. You can see it here. I have made twelve that hang on my door, one for each month and you are seeing those when I welcome in each month. But, I do have a few others. I've already blogged about this one here, but I'll show it again. I did hand-applique and hand-quilt this one.

This one was fun to make. I call it "behind the garden gate." It's made of 2 1/2" squares that are all from floral fabrics. It was fun looking for the floral fabrics in my stash and at the fabric stores. I spent a lot of time arranging and rearranging all the squares until I got just the look I wanted. I wanted it to look like sunlight was shining on the upper portion of the quilt. I then hand-appliqued the gate post and machine quilted it.
I saw this pattern in a book and just loved it. It was entitled "a tribute to waitresses." In the past waitresses in restaurants and diners wore white blouses with a handkerchief tucked in their pocket. I loved the idea but changed the title to "A tribute to Nanny."  The handkerchiefs belonged to my grandmother. I'm glad I have a special place to display them.

The quilt blocks in the book were made with used white shirts, but I decided to just make mine to look like shirts using different white fabrics. I decorated this pocket with a touch of lace.

 I made a the sashings between the blocks to look like a shirt placket, each with different buttons.
It doesn't look like I've done many, but remember the twelve I've made, one for each month. I'll show you the ones I've already posted, but you'll have to check back monthly to see the rest.

January - the blocks in this quilt are made similar to a crazy quilt. You start with a five-sided piece and just add to each side until you have it the size you want.
February - two different Log Cabin blocks make the hearts
I have two quilt for February. this one is a bargello pattern. I made this one in a class. So much fun!
March - what else could you have but Pinwheels for March. The buttons are some of my Grandmother's.
April - each block in my Easter quilt has a Biblical name, you can read about it here if you want.

Even though I enjoy piecing a quilt, it is not my number one interest. So I only do it occasionally. Number one right now is photography!


  1. Great post. Love your work and I have always enjoyed looking at your quilts.

  2. For it to not be your #1 interest, you sure are good at it! : ) The way you placed the squares in the garden gate quilt makes it seem so realistic. The dense foliage near the ground fading into "sky" colors. Plus, you know how much I love things that contrast, and the BLACK of the gate against those florals just pops out at you. Love it! I also think the tribute to your Nanny is beautiful. I love the subtle differences in each "shirt".

  3. I had forgotten about your "bargello" patterned heart. I love the depth in it!


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