Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scrapbook Retreat

This has just been a wonderful spring. I've enjoyed another special, fun weekend. I attended a scrapbook retreat with some very wonderful friends and family. We just had the best time. We cropped, we laughed, and we ate. We meet at a great place the...
A great facility in a beautiful location.
Of course, you have to have all your supplies, the Cricut cutter, pens, paper cutter, photos and a 12 x 12 box to take home the finished pages.  The photo box and 12 x 12 box are from Creative Memories. Love them both.
 Oh, and we must not forget the best part...the retreat gift and snacks!!
The morning of our second day, my sister, Judith, and I went out for a walk and took a few (really a hundred) pictures. There's a garden with a wonderful fountain.
Near the fountain is the rose garden. There are two large beds of miniature roses.  Every color you can imagine.
It had been raining very hard, so most of the roses were drooping, but we managed to get some good shots. The white one in the center of the top row is very tiny, about the size of a quarter. They were all so very delicate and beautiful!!
 We decided to wander further around the lake.
We found a couple of geese that didn't mind us taking their pictures.
Near the lake we found this walking trail. It was a beautiful trail complete with a boardwalk. It was so so peaceful and quiet. Since it had been raining earlier the only sound was the rain dripping off the trees. It was a very cool and refeshing walk.

All along the trail was a small creek. We found this small waterfall. I love waterfalls, they're always beautiful and the rush of the water is a wonderful sound.
Further down the trail was this nature center. On one side was the most beautiful Oak Leaf Hydrangea bush. I've never seen one before except in pictures.
The new blooms were as beautiful as the old brown withered bloom from last year.
After the walk it was back inside to crop. For all of us it was a very productive weekend. I was able to complete 24 pages. As we finished our pages, we laid them on these tables for all to admire. You can see some of mine up the right side of the table.
The weekend helped to inspire me again. I have slacked away from scrapbooking lately. I've set up a table in the living room so I continue to scrap at night. I'll post some of my finished layouts soon.

Thanks for spending time reading my blog. I love that you read it and love when you leave comments.  


  1. What a beautiful place, your pictures are gorgeous.

  2. Cathy! What a wonderful story you told with your pictures! I LOVE the nature/garden walk!!!! Can not believe that I did not take advantage of that this time. :( I think because it had stormed I was just expecting it too be too soggy! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is a beautiful place and you're pictures captured that. I love the little waterfall. Glad you guys had fun and stayed safe through the storm that night. Can't wait to see your scrap book pages.


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