Friday, May 13, 2011

Contrast - Exploring With A Camera

I follow several blogs about photography that I really enjoy!! One of those is Kat Eye View, she's a wonderful photographer. I found her blog through the Big Picture Inspiration classes I participate in. About every two weeks she has a post entitled "Exploring With a Camera." Here's how she describes it "The Exploring with a Camera series is intended to inspire you to see the world around you in a different way, using the camera as a tool to deepen your experience of life."

This exploration is a study in contrast and how it impacts a photo. You can link your images to her blog through a blog or flickr. I decided to link one of my photos.

I took this shot because of the sundial, which I love!! You can even see about what time I was there! It was almost 11 a.m.  I began thinking about all the contrast in this picture.
soft grass - hard brick
grass that is alive - leaf that is dead
curves - straight lines - circles - rectangles - triangles
smooth metal - rough concrete
light - dark
sun - shadows
All these contrasts make the image more appealing.

This is another shot that made me think of contrasts.
The strong wind had ripped a piece of bark off this three. Look what was hiding underneath! Trails of insects!
contrasts include
rough bark - smooth inner wood
straight lines (cracks) - curved lines (trails)
hard wood - soft moss

This tree fascinated me. It kind of makes me think about people. We may be a little rough on the outside, but we can have a heart of beauty!


  1. Fabulous contrasts. I love how you looked closely at each image and really found all of the contrasts. You did a wonderful job and I so appreciate what you brought to this exploration! So happy to have you joining in with Exploring with a Camera.

  2. Hiya Cathy,
    Thank you for stopping by my Reflections post. I didn't think anybody would come and talk to me there :-)
    It is such an enjoyable meme and I have entered three times now, but I find it hard to get a dialogue going with the other participants.
    I like your contrasts, especially the bark ones.
    You were talking about the transition from SOOC to edited images.
    I too was reluctant at first, but now I see it not so much as an alternative but rather a different discipline.


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