Thursday, May 26, 2011

After The Storm

We've been experiencing some rather scary weather the last few days. Everyday it seems we're watched our televisions, watched the web, and praying for our safety. Tornadoes are not unusual in our state, but this many tornadic days in a row is definitely not the usual. We have been fortunate, we've not had storm damage here. But, after the destruction in Joplin we are definitely being more cautious and aware of the possibility of damaging storms.

After the storm system passed yesterday, and I mean right after, the sun came out. I grabbed my camera and went looking for beauty after the storm. I knew with the sun coming out so quickly, there would be sparkly water droplets. Water droplets amaze me! I just wish I had the macro lens needed to produce the breathtaking images of drops that I've seen!

This first image is as the storm moved out and the sun began to break through!!  After I downloaded the picture, I noticed the flock of birds.
 My hostas have begun to bloom. They are such unusual blooms on such long, leggy stems.
And I have one azalea bloom. Yes, only one, my azalea bushes bloomed earlier this spring and for some reason this one bloom was there. I love to find surprises as I wander my shade gardens.
 The lily blooms are getting closer everyday to opening.
I can't wait to see them!!

A closer look at the bloom covered in drops of water.

The cedar trees are usually a great place to find drops, and I wasn't disappointed! There's a little sun flare reflected in the drop.
I didn't realize until I looked at this picture, how detailed and beautiful the needles of the cedar tree is. Everyday I am amazed by the beautiful things in nature that God has given us to enjoy. I'm so glad I'm looking closer to what's around me!
This one is one of my favorites!! The light was so special! Look down in the right corner and see the sun flare in the water droplet!! I was pretty excited about this one.
As I was walking around enjoying the beauty of nature, I began to think of how we all face storms in our life, some more severe than others. But, if we lean on God and seek his counsel, we will come out of the storm stronger and yes, more beautiful.

There is such beauty after the storm!!


  1. Wow, wow, wow! I think that your photo specialty is water droplets! I'm glad you like them so much, because you are really good at them. The cedar trees are by far my favorite! They have such details that we never stop to look at.

  2. The water droplet photos are really fabulous. Glad the storms are avoiding you at this point.


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