Sunday, May 29, 2011

Exploring With A Camera - Form

I'm linking to exploring with a camera again over at Kat's Eye View. This exploration was about form. Photos are 2D but we are usually photographing 3D objects...objects that have form. Angle and lighting are used to help show the form on our photo!

The things I love to photograph seem to be in nature. I just don't have much luck with buildings and don't like to shoot people at all!! They neither one seem to come out like I want them to! I Just love to grab my camera and head outside, usually on our property or the nearby woods. I don't venture to far since there's so much to see and discover right outside the front door.

So my exploration of form is of the trees around our home.
This image was the first that caught my eye! A very deformed looking branch! This started my search for different forms in trees. In case you're new to photography, just as I was a few months ago, the blurred dots you see in the background are called "bokeh." When someone first complimented me on the beautiful "bokeh" on one of my photos in Picture Spring, I had to google the word!!

I look at these trees and can't help but wonder, what would have caused this!

What made this tree twist and twist as it grew?

Was there a vine wrapped around the tree at one time?

This is looking up a tree that has been damaged. It is split from the ground up. I wonder, was it disease or maybe a lightning strike. Someday, it will fall due to its damage, but today it stands straight and tall and beautiful!

The trees in our pasture have a lot of their roots exposed. Maybe from the soil washing away, I don't know, but they have fascinating forms. I liked the circular form of this one.

And then, I found this!! A heart shape in the root of a tree. I love the touch of green and white! And I would have never seen it if I had not been "exploring with my camera"!!!

I couldn't believe it when I found the second heart shape in the roots!

There are forms, even in dead trees. This stump has such beautiful circles and colors. It's really pretty amazing!

And there's even beauty in a very rotten tree stump.

As I looked back over these images, I realize how long life is for a tree and how short life is for us!! May we spend a moment or two each day in thanks for what God has given us to benefit from and enjoy!

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  1. These are gorgeous photos, I esp love the circles and the final beauty image.

    In case you are wondering, I found your blog via the link on Exploring with a camera, I have been looking at the links to decide if I am going to join in.


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