Monday, May 9, 2011

Great Photos From Any Camera Class

I took a photography class with Big Picture Classes this month. Can you tell I love this web site! This class was more about lighting, composition, angle, focus, trying different modes on our cameras and such. We actually, as an assignment, were told to read our camera manual. Well, I read part of it, but I'm still working on it. The class is totally different from the other classes I've taken that were prompts to inspire us to take photos each day. I enjoyed the class, it passed too quickly. She gave us printouts each week and daily photo tips. I want to go back and review these more carefully. Anyway, at the end of the class we were to submit two photos for critique.  I was excited when I got her replies, so I wanted to share them with you.
These were both taken on Easter Sunday. As you can see my little model steals the show. How can you take a bad picture of him?
The first one was taken when Aaron was looking up at his Dad. Randy was opening an Easter Egg to see what prize was inside. Aaron's face is so full of expression, excitment, awe and love for his Daddy.

Here's the comment form Elisha Snow, the instructor of the class: 
 Another adorable photo! I like that his face is turned up toward the light a bit so that you get a bit of glow on his face and get some fabulous catchlights! Those lights in his eyes just make them sparkle! I like that there's a bit of wind blowing so that we get a little movement in his hair. Again, I love the neutral background. One thing to watch for here is to not leave too much space above his head. Remember the rule of thirds. Other than that, it's adorable!
Now that she reminded me, I can see where I should have cropped closer to his head it would have made a big difference. Wow, it's hard to keep all the rules and techniques in mind!!

I cropped it some and this is the result. His eyes are the first thing you see and not the distracting background. Much better!

I have three gazing balls in the yard and Aaron loves to go by each one and touch it. So far he's been very gentle and just gives them a little pat. I had the camera ready when he got to this ball. I love the way he's looking up at me, so happy, and I see a little love for Gramma in those eyes. Don't you?
Here's Elisha's comment: 
What a darling photo! I really like that you took this photo in landscape (horizontal) orientation. We tend to want to take photos in vertical orientation when we're taking photos of people, but it adds some visual interest to take it horizontally. I love the reflecting ball (is that what you call it?) that he's standing next to and the beautiful light that it's creating. I love the soft, even light on his cute little face, and I love that you stood above him to take the photo, so that his eyes are what we see first. I like that you chose to take this photo with a very neutral, nondistracting background so that the main subject is truly what we focus on. Very nice photo! Thanks so much for sharing it and thanks for being part of this class!

I was pleased with both the photos and her comments. You never know what an expert photographer might see. I was a little worried, but, constructive criticism always helps if it's presented well.  And like I said, it doesn't hurt that Aaron is so adorable and has beautiful eyes, hair and the most precious complexion. There's always beautiful color in his checks and his eyes are always sparkling. Thank you to my adorable model.


  1. I agree that you cannot take a bad picture of Aaron! But all other aspects of your pictures are great too! I love the one with him and the gazing ball!

  2. You did get great feedback for your two photos. They are both great and look professional to me!


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