Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picture Spring - Part 2

I wanted to share a few more pictures I took for Picture Spring at Big Picture Classes. It's hard to believe that spring is almost gone and summer is fast approaching. I keep going back and looking at all the beautiful pictures of spring flowers I've taken.

Day 6
This is always the toughest prompt there is for me! We were to take a self-portrait. I'd much rather be behind the lens!

Day 7
We were to seek out soft, muted tones that sooth and calm. My wisteria was beautiful this year and the smell was wonderful!

Day 8
We were to capture water drops and see light through them. Of course, there had been no rain here, so I took a squirt bottle and make my own rain! Water droplets are one of my favorite things to photography.

Day 9
We were to find beauty around our home that we usually don't recognize in our day-to-day chores. This one I struggled with! I just couldn't find anything connected to chores that I thought was beautiful. Glancing around the bathroom I spotted the handle on the toilet. The handle was reflecting things around the tub. I thought it was a cool reflection. I took the shot and then processed it a little bit in Picnik. It turned out to look like a piece of abstract art.
Day 10
The assignment for this day was to take a picture of the catchlight in someone's eyes. When light hits the eyes just right, it causes a catchlight that adds a twinkle to the eyes. This wasn't hard at all! Little Aaron's eyes always sparkle!

I'll be back soon with more of Picture Spring.


  1. Pictures are great. I love the idea about the squirt bottle. And the catch light in Aaron's eyes. I just learned a new term and is it his the left eye?

  2. You're so sneaky with your photo ideas - squirt bottle for water and a toilet flusher handle for beauty! The handle is a pretty impressive photo! I would have never guessed that's what it was.

  3. Yeah, I thought the toilet handle was a golf club! Pretty cool. Oh, and also, I may not need to hire professional photographers to capture my son's portraits if you keep taking pictures like this last one here. I LOVE IT!


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