Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ July 1

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sunday has arrived again and with it comes
Scavenger Hunt Sunday!
At least photography takes my mind off
the heat for a little while!

Our prompts were:
hanging around
funny face

I don't take a lot of sunset pictures. We have woods surrounding us and I never have the urge to go anywhere to capture the sunset!  By the end of the day, I'm ready to stay home!  I did capture this one in my side mirror one evening!  Don't worry, I was stopped at a red light! You can see it reflected in the right side of my mirror.

There's nothing as sweet as fresh home grown tomatoes!  My neighbors are so kind to share their bounty with us!!

Hanging Around
I found these small eggs hanging around on the side of this leaf!  What a find!  I wonder if their butterfly eggs!

Funny Face
The birds are also battling the heat. I found these guys playing in the sprinkler as I watered my shade gardens!  Doesn't he have a funny little face with his hair all fluffed and sticking up!!

There's a story behind this photo!  Two white ducks were on the shore and this mallard duck kept following them. At one point, both ducks turned around fussing at the mallard! I'm sure they were saying "give us some space!"  And, Mr. Mallard flew away!  I wish I had caught the action earlier and I would have put the empty space to the left of the ducks. It would have looked better and you would have been able to see the second duck. I just didn't have time to compose this one!!

Hope you stay cool this week!


  1. Oh goodness this set is terrific.
    Loved that you caught such a glorious sunset in the side-mirror.
    Funny Face is just hilarious!
    Also enjoyed the Hanging Around Shot - Very interesting.
    Space - Good Interpretation.

  2. Great photos. Tomatoes look yummy and I love the photo of the eggs The photos of you were great, yes I think I have seen all these sides of you. Keep the photos coming.

  3. Great stories this week. Love the expression on that bird with the "wet head". And I agree about the tomatoes :)

  4. Your sunset is absolutely gorgeous! Wow!!

  5. Great bird photos!
    Good capture of the Sunset in the mirror!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. I really like your sunset photo! Very nice.

    Your hanging around photo is pretty cool too!

  7. The funny face made me laugh... that is great. I like the sunset photo too!


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