Monday, July 16, 2012

Playing With My Grandsons

The best part of summer is spending time with my grandsons.  I always look forward to their visits especially when they come and stay for the week!  It's been very hot here in Arkansas, so our week was spent close to water.

Little Aaron got a water slide for his birthday which he gladly shared with the other boys.  It was wild and crazy with four active guys climbing up and sliding down!  Their mommies and I sat in lawn chairs in the shade with our feet in a small wading pool!

On the day we got a little rain we went to Aaron's house to play.  Thank you Lord for the much needed rain!  What a fun time they had playing on Aaron's Thomas tracks.  These guys all love trains!! I thought it was funny, there's lots of track, but they're all huddled over there together.

After a little morning rain the clouds rolled on, the thunder stopped, and we were able to go outside and play. We ate well at Aaron's, we had ice cream snacks and spaghetti for dinner.

One day we went to a new park that opened a few week's ago.  It has a rock mountain with  tunnels, slides, climbing walls, and rope ladders.  Perfect for the boys!  It also has a water pad with fountains.  It was a great way to keep cool.

I'm tired, but it's the good tired from having fun!
I love these guys so much!!
I love the time we had to spend together
and the wonderful memories we made!

I'm going to be away from the computer again for another week.  I'll be keeping the twins.  Their Mom, Dad and older brother have an opportunity to visit Washington D.C.  I'll try to catch up on visiting you when I can!


  1. Your post totally resonates with me, another grandmother! Your grandsons are adorable and it looks like they had so much fun with you. Four boys is a handful -- kudos for you for keeping up with them!

  2. wonderful photos! i love your collages. :) enjoy your time with the littles. looking forward to hearing all about it. :)

  3. What fun! I love that first collection of the water slide - love the way you have combined small slices each boy and those happy, saturated colors.

  4. Well it looks like everyone is just having the time of their lives. How wonderful that you are able to spend time with them. Enjoy!

  5. Grandsons are the best, aren't they?! I can say that without treading on any toes because I don't have a granddaughter! I really like the calm playing with the wooden trains shot!


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