Saturday, June 30, 2012

{in the picture" ~ June

In The Picture

I think maybe I've finally broken through the horror of self-portraits!!   I've done something I never dreamed I could or would even try. Each month Christy gives us a suggested portrait idea. This month's was "planking." I had never heard of such a thing!! I read her message and looked at web sites she suggested that illustrated "the plank."   Christy even posted an interview with Cynthia who has taken some great "planking" photos. You should go read it, she's gutsy!! You set up your camera, lay face down, and snap the shutter!  They actually go out in public places, lay down, and take their pictures!  Oh, I can't believe there are such brave souls out there!!  I though well why not try it in the privacy of my yard and just do one. I hid behind a cedar tree and snapped the first one in my shade garden.

One led to two...

two to three!!

Then, when I was taking pictures at the Old Mill, I just did it!! I just layed right down in front of the back door where no one could see me and did it!!  Believe it or not, it was fun, it was silly, it was liberating, and it made me laugh!!  So there!!

I also found myself taking pictures of my feet this month! A lot of pictures of my feet!  You will notice a lot of barefoot pictures...that is my favorite way to be!!

And last, but not least I took the following photos for a Black and White Class I was taking at Big Picture Classes. Our prompt was to take a picture showing expressions. I'm looking out my front window wishing it wasn't so hot and longing for rain!  It was 107 degrees the day I took this and no rain in sight!! 

Here's more proof that I've broken through the horror!! I sat up my tripod, sat down in my rocking chair, made faces and used my remote to click away!   The one in the center, my children may recognize, it's my "don't mess with me look"!

You know, I'm even excited to see what our next suggested prompt might be!!


  1. Yea for you! I love that you just did it, not giving a hoot who might have seen you! Love all those expressions - especially the "don't mess with me" look. A favorite of mother's everywhere :)

  2. These are so great, love that you got into planking & love all your B&W faces.

  3. I'm so proud of you! You have really gotten out of your comfort zone with this post. Very brave. Maybe someday I'll understand the purpose of planking, but until then it's very entertaining. It's funny on your faces collage, I noticed the center photo last! Must have been my mind trying to avoid eye contact with you! :) These are great!

  4. Oh wow, Cathy! You did 4 planking shots! Yay! I did 2 and agree with what you said, it was fun, silly, made me laugh! I want to do more and I even want to do some with people around!
    You look like you were having a good time in front of the camera! Pretty lady!
    I take lots pf pictures of my feet too. And I love being barefoot! It's just fun!


  5. Well, you're really getting into the swing of it, Cathy! Good for you! Your old mill photo is my favorite of your planks, but the black and whites are the winners in my book. Love your mosaic!

  6. What a good time you had. I loved the planking. The "Old Mill" you have come out of your shell and it is all because of photography.

  7. This post really made me smile! I love that you are feeling like you finally broke thru the "selfie horror"! The planking shots are fantastic and it really looks like you had fun with it, which was the point :) Thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

  8. Cathy, I'm so proud of you. Your planking shots are great, and I love your foot collage. The others are simply wonderful. You have beautiful eyes, so expressive. Three cheers for you!!

  9. I love the one of you planking on top of your rock wall. It is very artistic. I was thinking you might need a little admonishment for the bad example you have set for the boys. Now, you know we aren't to play on the rock wall, Gramma! ; ) The first thing I was drawn to on your black and white self portraits are your EYES. They are so beautiful.

  10. oh, you are wonderful. i loved reading through your post and looking at all of you! so.truly.fantastic!

  11. Yay you!! Your planking shots are fabulous, well done for being brave, it looks like you had fun with it. Love the effect on the first one, it looks like you're hovering! Love your making faces collage too - I love how your smile looks so natural. Fabulous job, well done!

  12. i loved ALL your shots! isn't it funny how the "public plank" moment just hits you and the whole reason you were hesitant in the first place no longer matters :-)

  13. Love all your planking shots, especially the last - sure looks like you had fun.


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