Saturday, July 7, 2012

Look Up, Look Down ~ final round

June 24
I put my camera close to the ground and took a picture looking up a rock wall in our front yard that Mr. H and I built. 
Today I got my birthday present! Mr H told me to buy the 100mm macro lens that I've been wanting! The picture on the right is looking down at fungus on a dead piece of bark.

June 25
Aaron, our youngest grandson, stayed with us today. It was so hot we got out the swimming pool.

June 26
These pictures were taken in a garden at one of our libraries. They have the prettiest light poles. The rock is embedded in the concrete floor of a gazebo.

June 27
I went shopping for some fabric and stopped by to see if there were any flowers blooming at the Old Mill. It was beautiful, as usual, and full of flowers even in this heat!

June 28
Looking up at the moon during the blue hour.
Earlier in the month our library had a little project where you could plant seeds. I'm looking down at the very first bloom on my flower.  If I remember correctly it's cosmos.

June 29
I was using the water sprinkler to water my shade garden when the hose burst creating this fountain in my Bradford pear tree.
The bright sun creates some pretty dark shadows on the sidewalk.

June 30
The heat and lack of rain in June has been brutal. My shade gardens are burning up even though I've been watering them. The heat is just relentless!!  The ferns are now brown and the trees are loosing their leaves.
I wanted to end this project with the words "the end." I thought they would be easy to find especially in children's books, but not so!  I looked through many books before I finally found one. You may recognize this little tug boat...its Little Toot. Little Toot was written and illustrated by Hardie Gramatky. It's copyright is 1939. 
And so, June's project ends!

I'm almost a week into my July project!
This time I'll be exploring my different lens!

I'm taking a little break from the computer.
My grandsons are here and we're playing!!


  1. This was such fun - following along with your looking up and down. Can't wait to see what you do with your new lens.

  2. What a fun project. I really enjoyed seeing all your photos. Loved this weeks edition and can't wait to see what you have in store for July. Enjoy those little ones.

  3. Happy birthday and congrats on your new lens! What a wonderful present!!!


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