Saturday, July 28, 2012

{in the picture} ~ July 2012

In The Picture

These self portraits seem to be rolling around faster and faster!!  Our optional theme this month from Christy at Urban Muser was reflections.  Here I am in reflection!!

classic window reflection
I was leaving the library loaded down with my purse and books when I happened to see myself as I passed this window. I managed to dig out my camera and capture my reflection, plus a beautiful sky and a cool lamppost!

classic rear view mirror reflection

computer screen reflection
Do you see me among the flowers of my desktop picture and the trees behind me?

one last computer reflection
I closed the lid of my computer and saw my reflection in the words on the top. Not much of a reflection, but I thought it made a cool photo!
my eyes are in the top letter
camera in the middle letter
and my shoulder is in the bottom letter

abstract reflection
I'll just have to explain this shot!  I have an old rusty wagon in my flower bed. In the corner a puddle of water collected after I watered. You can barely make out my shape and camera, but I'm there!

my favorite reflection
I was combing my grandson's hair when he wanted to try on my glasses. I took his picture because he was just so cute and realized that I'd capture my reflection in the mirror!!

This was fun!  I did want to find more unique reflections, but, that just didn't happen.  I wonder what Ashly will suggest for a theme next month!! 


  1. NIce reflections, I like the clouds & lamp post in the first & love the last one in the rusty wagon, well spotted!

  2. All these shots were so good. I love the wagaon best. You are so good and looking for the unique.

  3. I just love that first shot, Cathy. It looks like a modern painting! Excellent! I love the way the the picture is broken up by the blinds and the surrealistic feel to the whole capture. The window ledge gives the picture a nice sense of depth. Gorgeous sky and green environment!
    By the way, it was so nice to see you pop into Reflections and Nature! It's always nice to see a friendly face!
    I can't seem to become a follower of your blog, when I click on "Join this site" I just get a blank window opening up which doesn't budge. I'll try again another day!
    Have a beautiful Sunday and well done for your creative selfies! Sandra

  4. Great collection of reflections, Cathy! You did find some unusual ones -- I never would have seen the computer reflection -- well done!

  5. the computer screen reflection is genius. I've tried once to do the same but I failed miserably ;) You've done a great job!

  6. Love that last shot too. Didn't see you on first glance. I think that first shot on the computer screen is very cool, because there's so much more there than first meets the eye. That's part of why I'm drawn to reflection shots so much. The depth always provides more than the obvious. sometimes things that weren't even there.

  7. You got some great reflections....I especially like the one in the computer screen!

  8. Cathy, these are great from first to last! I love the color in that first one, and the horizontal lines of the blind making a mosaic of the reflection. And the one of your grandson wearing your glasses is priceless. I don't know which is better, the expression on your face or his.

  9. I think these are very clever and unique indeed! Thanks for linking up at {In The Picture} this month :)


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