Friday, July 27, 2012

July Photo Project ~ 50mm lens

I know I've complained here before that it's hot and humid!  We're breaking daily temperature records and we're now under an extreme drought warning. In June I spent a good deal of time outside with my photo project of Look Up, Look Down. (If you're interested in reading about that project, scroll down and look on the left side of my blog under Labels. Click on Look Up, Look Down. There are five different posts.)  This month it's just too hot to spend time outside, so I decided my project would be learning and exploring with my lens inside in the air conditioner! To get the best results with my different lens, I need to practice with them to learn their good qualities and their limitations.

I have:
  • kit lens (this is the one that came with the camera)
  • 50mm macro lens
  • 100mm macro lens
  • 75-300mm zoom lens

I started with my 50 mm lens. It has disappointed me the most and I know the biggest problem is my hands shaking!! Therefore, the only other rule I had was that I must use my tripod. I feel so clumsy and slow using the tripod, but I hope  if I use it and become familiar with it, I'll become faster at setting it up and be more comfortable using it.

I went to my craft/scrapbooking/quilting room looking for objects to shoot. And, here's the results:

 Pastel Thread

 Color My World

 A Lady's Thimble

 My Little Teapot

Ball Jar

 Single Crochet, Double Crochet

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button

Being inside this month will also help me practice shooting inanimate objects and small vignettes. I'm not very creative when it comes to this type of photos; my muse is nature.

My next exploration will be with the zoom lens.

PS: I have a confession to make, we're having a cool wave today and only today! It's 84 degrees and the wind is blowing!  I'm outside and refuse to go in until it's in the nineties!! I'm so grateful for this little relief!  The temps will be back up in the triple digits tomorrow and all next week!


  1. These are Excellent, Cathy! Using the tripod really worked well. Isn't it fun to learn what a new lens can do?

    I'm enjoying sharing this journey with you.

  2. These are beautiful. I love every one of them! Working with a tripod will get easier, after a little while :-) It seems shooting with the tripod worked just fine this time. Enjoy the cool, as long as it lasts!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Cathy,

    What a fun post this was, love love the little things you captured. So glad your having fun inside and staying cool. I love the couple days the heat broke for us also, so nice to just sit outside for once and not sweat. HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!!

  4. I loved all your shots but my favorite is the spools of thread. I can't seem to find the right words. Cool soft colors that make a very strong statement. Next would be the jar of buttons. I love jars of buttons. They tell a story. A garment you made, a button from the past, small to big and lots of color shows someone also loves the work with fabric. Keep the shots coming. I enjoy reading your post.

  5. Cathy, I really like your self-study projects. You did great with your tripod and 50mm lens! My favorites are the first three, but especially Pastel Thread with its beautiful soft colors and nostalgic old wooden spools.

  6. So hot! I hope you are comfortable inside. You have a lovely collection of photos here, my favourite is the thimble, it's beautiful.

  7. Cathy - I am so impressed with your monthly challenges - what a great way to keep things fresh. And I certainly don't blame you for wanting to stay inside in a climate-controlled environment. Avoiding the heat was the reason I changed up my own routine to go out early in the morning.

    But as far as struggling with this lens - wow, I certainly don't see that with these images. And I also don't see a lack of creativity with your subject selection and still life composition. These are the kind of shots when I wish (almost) that I had a dSLR and a macro lens. Stunning macro work! I look forward to the rest of your explorations.

  8. Yay Cathy! It's so neat that you take time to really get to know your lenses! And tripod!
    Your pictures are so nice!
    Hooray for cooler temperatures! I hope you got some good shots while you were outside! Can't wait to see them!


  9. wonderful idea to experiment with your different lenses! as you know, ahem, i have a bit of macro envy. ;) let's just santa is well aware what i would like to have for christmas. LOL :)

    getting sharp images is something i've really been working on - camera shake is a challenge for me as well. your photos with the tripod are INCREDIBLE! really sharp and lovely! might have to put that on the list for santa as well. ;)

    thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. :)

  10. Hello Cathy, I love the way you've been experimenting with your 50mm lens and the results are lovely. I especially loves the spools of coloured thread and the crayons are beautiful too, I love the way they fade out! Is that lens the one they call the 'nifty-fifty'? I had been wondering about getting that one and just love your results here! I shall look forward to seeing you try out your other lenses!
    It's pretty hot here too and there is no air conditioning!! Sandra


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