Thursday, July 5, 2012

Look Up, Look Down ~ round four

The month has slipped away!!   Where did it go?? I'm going to try to catch up my Look Up, Look Down project. Most were just ordinary days, so I'll keep the dialog short!

Hosta flowers have become one of my favorite flowers! They keep their heads toward the ground, so in order to see their beauty you must get down and look up.

June 18
Today I had my camera on black and white mode.

June 19
My very last daylily!

June 20
Beautiful clouds, but no rain! Some leaves are already turning and falling off the trees. I wonder if there will be any leaves left for the fall season!!
June 21

June 22
Mr. H and I went to a hot air balloon rally. I had such a fun time looking up at all the beautiful balloons. Near by there was a playground that looked like a rock mountain. I'm on top looking down at this little girl climbing up.

June 23
I think these flowers are called Rose of Sharon. I pass these on my daily walk.

One more post and this project will be finished.


  1. beautiful, I always like your look up/look down shots!

  2. This is a fun project, Cathy! I love this series.....what a great way to really look around and see the world. Have you gone in a hot air balloon? That's on my bucket list -- not ready to do it yet, but hope to someday.

  3. I love your photos! I so know what you mean about time, whoosh and it's gone. x

  4. wonderful photos! i especially love the hosta flowers - from standing they don't appear to be anything special. but seeing them up close! gorgeous!! :)

  5. Another great round of shots for this series.
    I loved the B/W shot of the bird in the tree.

  6. Another reminder to be conscious of everything around us - to seek out what we normally wouldn't "see". To such wonderful result.


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