Monday, July 30, 2012

A Senses Collaboration

I was invited by Deborah from Learning As I Go to join her in a photo collaboration using our fives senses.  Deborah suggested that we take time during our mornings to concentrate on our senses and capture images to represent each one. We were also looking for a sixth image to represent KNOW.

Deborah and I met through an online photography class and we began following each other's blogs. Deborah lives in northwest Ohio and I live in central Arkansas. We live a long way apart, but from the beginning I felt a special connection with her. She is such an inspiration and encouragement to me in life and in my photography. I encourage you to visit her blog, she has such an wonderful way of looking at the world.  We're both posting today about our collaboration.

I've posted my images on the left with Deborah's on the right. I'm also adding our thoughts on each photo.
Me:  Photography has enabled me to see the world through different eyes; to find the beauty in ordinary things. My camera helps me to see details that my eyes can miss.

Deb:  When I do my daily practice of yoga I always want to face East and see the new light of day. The summer sun just looks like gold on the oak trees that I see outside that window. I love that warm light.

Me: The sprinkler is on and I hear the pitter patter of the water drops on my Camellia bush.

Deb: It was cool enough to have my kitchen window open, and I could hear the most wonderful wind chimes (something I don't normally like). I listened carefully and found the source - these cute little metal ones on a house nearby.

Me: I water my flowers, plants and lawn; take a deep breath and smell the wet, damp earth.
Deb: The aroma of fresh coffee in the morning is soothing and brings up a lot of good memories.

Me: I taste the honey nut flavor of my cereal for breakfast.

Deb: Most mornings I'm a toast with peanut butter and honey gal, but sometimes it's cereal. If I take the time to savor each bite, I enjoy that taste more.

Me:  I touch the keyboard of my computer as I read my emails and the blogs that I follow.

Deb:  The morning sun touches these old boards, just as my feet touch that same old porch floor.

Me:  As I see the morning sky, I know I have a brand new day; a day that I get to choose how to live.

Deb: What I know is that when morning comes, it's a new day, a beginning, a place to start fresh, breathe deep, and have faith.

Thank you Deb for inviting me share our morning together!!  I often take my senses for granted. This experience has reminded me to be grateful that I have these wonderful gifts.

Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
(NIV Bible)


  1. Cathy,

    Thank you for sharing this experience with me. I look forward to doing another one with you soon!

    I do have a question: what is that snack by your computer keyboard? And is that one of your own handmade quilts I see there?

    Curious minds just need to know...

    Have a fabulous Monday!

  2. this is so beautiful. what a great way to share your love of photography!! thanks for the reminder to be aware with all my senses.

  3. Cathy, this is fantastic! I love how you 2 connected in this way! 2 different interpretations of each of the senses and both beautiful!


  4. Love what you and deb have done here - giving us a view with you into each of your morning experiences. Beautiful collaboration.

  5. This turned out great! What a wonderful idea. I love the differences and similarities! I think you two should do more like this!

  6. Hi Cathy, soooo happy to see these photos and this great idea!! I love the way you and Deb share your lives thru the camera, always inspiring!

    These are a beautiful combination of both your mornings, love them!! So glad I found your blog thru Deb's, you both make my day happier when I visit your blogs.

    That beautiful sky and clouds picture of yours is just what I did already this morning. I love just standing under the sky and clicking away at the morning sun coming up and big fluffy clouds everwhere above me. I took some photos and will be sharing them on my blog. The words you used to describe a brand new day is how I feel too.
    Thanks for sharing this fun idea with us, really enjoyed it!!

  7. I now know what you mean. You and Deb sound so much a like. I loved your first shot of the camera and the flowers and I liked Deb's picture of the weathered boards. Keep it coming. I have enjoying your travel.


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