Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look Up, Look Down ~ round two

Another edition of LOOK UP, LOOK DOWN!

One of the reason I chose this theme for June is my obsession of looking down. I seem to always be looking at my feet.  I have even walked into a large, and I mean large, banner hanging in front of a grocery store, because I was looking down. Maybe it's a family inherited trait, my dad always looks down...he's looking for lost coins though! I thought with this exercise I would force myself to look up and see the bigger picture. I'm not sure it's working, but it's been fun!!

June 6
There's the moon. Hello moon! I would have missed you this morning if I wasn't looking up. Looking down...yes, I've crossed this path before!

June 7
I try to walk everyday. I walk up the road near our home. Thankfully, since we have no sidewalks out here in the country, it's doesn't have much traffic. The clouds were especially fluffy and pretty today. I would like to be on that jet going somewhere with cooler temperatures and less humidity!!  I found if very hard to capture myself walking. It's still a little blurry, but it's the best I could do!!

June 8
This day deserves a whole post. I visited Pinnacle Mountain State Park (Arkansas) and had the VERY best time. I walked the trails, took over 600 pictures, and saw a doe and two babies!  Incredible day! Looking up at this tree it looked like an umbrella. I think it's in the Schefflera family, but I'm not sure. It was unusual in that there was only one trunk with  leaves at the very top. It was taller than me, I'm actually standing under it! I looked down as I crossed several wooden bridges. Sadly it's been so dry here the little creeks are dried up!! I have to tell this story because it goes with my theme of Looking Up!!  I came pretty close to two snakes at the park. Not close enough to be bitten, but close enough to have my heart jump into my throat!!  One was a water moccasin in the river right below where I was looking down from a small ledge and the other was a black snake in a beautiful wild flower garden. It crossed the path right in front of me!  These are good examples of why I'm trying to see the bigger picture than just what's right below!!!

June 9
Very special day!!!  My birthday!!!!  I'm now only 365 days away from being 60!!  I had a special day with visits from my son and his family and my mom and dad, phone calls from my daughter and her family, they don't live near. Her three boys (oldest is 9 and twins that are 5) sang Happy Birthday to me. My youngest grandson, who's three, picked out my cake and chocolate cookies, he brought me a balloon and picked me some flowers, a petunia and clover!  It's these minor things that made my day perfect... the songs, the calls, the flowers!!

June 10
Looking up the sky was beautiful this morning as we left to attend church. We left with the sun shining, ran into some rain, and then out came the sun again!!  I love to sing just good old-fashioned hymns at church. Don't get me wrong, choruses are fine, but I love hymns. They bring back so many wonderful memories of going to church. Well, maybe they weren't all good!! Some of the churches we attended when I was very young didn't have air conditioning or indoor toilets.  Trips to the outhouse in back could result in getting chiggers or seed ticks. Anyway, back to hymns. We no longer use these old paperback hymnals. This one is called "Favorite Songs and Hymns" copyrighted in 1939 by Stamps Baxter Music. This hymnal fascinates me because the notes were different shapes. I read music by where the note is on the staff, but my mom reads music by the shapes of the notes. I never even tried to figure that out!

Ten days of June have come and gone!!
I am looking around a little more!!


  1. I love that you created your own kind of photo prompt, Cathy. And in this you are telling us part of your story, which I'm really enjoying reading.

    Ah...shaped notes in hymnals. I have a few of those, too, and sang from them long ago. Brings back memories, mostly good, some not so much. There are a few priceless beautiful classic hymns that I love, but don't hear them much at all anymore.

    Keep up the great work, friend!

  2. This is such a great idea! Love these shots and I hope you had a fabulous birthday. Love your grandson's flower choice. :)

  3. Så fint beskrivit av din promenad. Ha de gott

  4. Happy belated birthday -- so many people I know have birthdays this month. Your series is the contrasts and pairings. Have a good weekend!


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