Thursday, June 7, 2012

Picture Black & White ~ 3

I have a few more images to share from the Picture Black and White class I'm taking. It's an enjoyable class. It certainly makes you look at things differently when you don't have color for contrast.

Me And My Shadow
There's just enough child in me that I love shadows. There are lots of fun ways to capture one's shadow. You can also make the image more interesting by choosing different surfaces for the shadow to fall on. I put on my straw had and struck a pose. I uploaded the pictures to my computer and laughed out loud. Seriously laughed! This is so not me!! I'm rather shy and absolutely do not have this sassy attitude. But, I loved the way it turned out. Maybe my inner self is coming out in my shadow!!

In Contrast
Black and white photos depend on contrast.  Light lights and dark darks help to make a better photo. This photo has several contrasts; the name against the machine, the thread against the spool, and even the outfit in the background has contrasting squares.

We're allowed to share three photos for each prompt!  I kept seeing contrasts everywhere. This plaster egg was carved by my son. If I'm not mistaken he was in Junior High. I was impressed by the symmetrical pattern he chose to carve.

And lastly,  I took a picture of a marble. I thought it had cool center contrast!

Smooth Things Over
We were on the lookout for objects that were smooth, yet would be interesting in black and white! This was a hard one for me. It's interesting that sometimes we get hung up and just can't find the right photo! I took a lot of pictures of smooth objects that didn't work. I finally thought about buttons, they're smooth and are a variety of colors.

Rough And tumble
The opposite of smooth is textured. Textures can really make an image interesting. This door has smooth and rough textures.

The Texture Of Textile
This is one of my couch cushions. Lots of textures here!

Light helps bring out the textures in this ribbon embroidered dress scarf.

There's still more to come!!
We're about half way through!


  1. I just love the black and white. It was hard to chose a favorite but I think the scarf is mine. The marble was so interesting.

  2. Lovely black and white photos. Shadow shots are such fun. I love your hat!
    My favourite shot is the sewing machine! I love all the details and the decoration around the writing and the angle you've taken the shot from! I like the marble too and the different textures of the door handle shot. It looks like you're having fun here! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the shadow photo - it made me smile! It's very much my favorite! You're doing such a great job with your photography. I think it's time to enter into a few contests!

  4. Also great photo's I love the doorknob. And the sewing machine is a great capture too, but I can not choice if you asked me wich one is the best, I love all your photo's in their own special way.


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